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  1. A

    Mobo for core i5 2500k urgent!!!

    this is what ive finalized core i5 2500k 4gb 1333mhz corsair 600w 80+ psu asus gtx 560ti 1gb dell st2220m pls suggest a good oc mobo for max 11000, i'am not a avi overclocker but would like to settle for 4.5-4.7ghz in future. also any suggestion for alternate gfx and...
  2. SRA

    Motherboard For i5 2500K URGENT !!

    please suggest me a good mother board under 5-7k for i5 2500K , I wont be overclocking , my main work sector is PS CS5 and a bit of casual gaming , but I want to have a solid MOBO that can Incorporate a need of Good GPU in future . And it can make use of the IGP of the 2500K . PS is crossair...
  3. P

    Z68 Mobo req for i5 2500K Budget 10k

    Guys, Help me out - I need a z68 mobo for i5 2500K processor. Good OC, XFireX, max no of Usb3 and SataIII ports needed with dual bios. Few in mind are- MSI Z68X 65 B3, Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3, ASUS Z68V Please help me out I dont need 3rd PCI_16 slot.
  4. S

    Best mobo for i5 2500k?

    Hi, Please suggest a mobo (budget around 6k) for i5 2500k. I am interested in OC to 4 - 4.5 ghz max. Thank you.
  5. esudip

    Need CPU Heatsink for Intel i5 2500K

    Hello All, I am planning for a brand new i5 2500K processor and I want to overclock it to 4.0-4.5 Ghz so please suggest me a Good CPU Cooler between price range of 3-3.5 K Will CM Hyper 212+ will handle the temperature ??? :?:
  6. I

    Best config under 35-40k for i5 2500k

    hi Geeks, i'm plannin to upgrade my pc & i've already chosen the processor as i5 2500k Now, i need following items for the best config... i'll be using this pc for gaming, playin movies, downloading and running some software like autocad, 3d max, revit and all. My budget is 35-40k 1)A good...
  7. Siddharth_1

    Help to disable turbo boost feature of processor

    I want to disable the turbo boost feature of my processor to increase it life. The 3.3ghz speed of i5 2500k is enough for me. MAINBOARD - MSI Z68MA ED55 (B3) PROCESSOR - Intel Core i5 2500k
  8. slashragnarok

    i5 2500k integrated GPU cannot handle AA

    I was just playing FIFA 11 using the iGPU of my i5 2500k. But whenever I put AA on (2x), the screen flickers and goes black. The applications works because the sound is on. Just the graphics aren't there. Any thoughts?
  9. S

    suggestion for mobo

    hey guys...please suggest me all z68 mobos(within 13k) for sandybridge processors and their latest prices in kolkata and also the recent price of i5 2500k here.
  10. K

    amd phenom ii x6 1100t BE or core i5 2500k

    hi there, i need to know which processor is the best of two amd phenom ii x 6 and core i5 2500k and need cheapest and bst mobo suggestion for both.............. thanks
  11. A

    SB mobo Under 5.5k

    Hey everyone! Me hitting again:C_moneymouth: Well can anyone suggest a good Motherboard to go with i5 2500k? My budget is 5.5k at the max! :-)
  12. R

    x6 1100t vs i5 2500k

    I know that 2500k is way more better than 1100t in every aspect but i have a question regarding their cores.As we all know that there is no game which can utilize 6 or more core ,I would like to know when games using 6 cores will come ,then would 1100t six cores will have an advantage over 2500k...
  13. D

    Intel i5 2500K Vs Intel i7 2600K

    Hey Everyone On This Forum Please Give Your Opinion By Voting. My Vote Goes To Intel i5 2500K Over A 2600K. 2600K Has Just A Hyper Threading & Extra 2MB Cache Than 2500K. 2600K is not worth for few seconds faster processing. Read This Benchmark & Don't Extra Money On 2600K. Invest In...
  14. P

    Confused between i5 2500K and i5 2500

    I am going to buy a new PC this week. My enlisted configuration is as below: Processor : Intel i5 2500K or i5 2500. Motherboard : Intel Original DB65AL (B65 Chipset) RAM : 2 * 4 GB DDR3 @ 1333 Mhz HDD : 1 TB Seagate GPU : Sapphire ATi Radeon HD 6770 / Sapphire Vapor-X HD 6770 PSU : Corsair GS...
  15. aditya_v

    Intel DH67BL-B3 problematic? your experience with it

    Hi guys Yesterday I went to get a pc build from SMC Nehru Place. When I asked for Intel DH67BL-B3, he immediately said please do not buy intel, specially this one. according to him, that board is incapable to handle 6850 + i5 2500k and a lot of his customers have faced a harrowing time with...
  16. R

    Core i5 2500k + mobo

    I want to buy Core i5 2500k and overclock it at least to 4.5 ghz so Which is the motherboard suggested within 9k range and What is the cost of i5 2500k?
  17. A

    gaming pc 60k i5 2500k confi

    Hi guys im new here this is my 1st post this is the first time im going to assemble my own gaming pc I need ur help 2 configure a i5 2500k processor based pc my budget is 60k looking for something future proof and which will enable me to play games on high resolution
  18. V

    Is i5 2400 logical choice over i5 2500k?

    Hi, I'm about to buy a new set of processor, mobo and ram tomorrow (From Lamington, Mumbai). I have been reading and following the advice over this forum for around one month. It seems i5 2500K is a favorite pick among many people over here. So, I had locked into that one for purchase. But...
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