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  1. D

    Need UPS 1 KVA ( as low noise as possible )

    Previously using APC RS 1100 which was noisy 24x7 is now violently noisy with screeching grinding noises after 3.5 years of use.
  2. E

    What are the typical working hours in IT(India) ?

    I recently went through this article, British Bosses Should Follow German Ministry's Idea To Stop Burnout, Say Experts | Huffington Post (A bit late though, but that is due to my own schedule running behind times) Which led me to thinking about the state of affairs here in India. I'm...
  3. TheMost

    24X7 torrenting on android phone

    I have recently purchased a karbonn A25 android mobile for my younger brother . The phone is always at home and i have a wifi connection of 512 kbps .. I am planning to add a 16gb sd card and use that phone to download torrents 24X7 using ttorrent app,leaving it plugged to power supply. My wifi...
  4. Shah

    Query regarding Raspberry Pi

    Hi, I creating this thread in this section as Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer. If this is not the right section, I request the mods to move it to the appropriate section. I am intending to buy a Raspberry Pi and use as a MySQL Database Server for the purpose of Software...
  5. Charley

    Mobile Phone Stolen Software for Android

    I want to install this on my Android Phone. My previous phone was stolen so I want to put an app on the new one. Do I need to have Internet on phone 24x7 ? I'm using my home Dataone WIFI. Is there any ?
  6. TechnoFan

    24x7 Torrent downloading solution. Budget: 3K

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a 24x7 torrent downloading solution, without having to switch on my PC thus eating as less power as possible and reducing my electricity bill. I did some research only to end up confused by plethora of ways to achieve the same. At the moment, I'm using my medium-end...
  7. G

    Good power supply for running PC 24x7

    Can you please provide a good 750w , 850w PSU which doesn't get affected while running the pc for 24x7 :)
  8. papul1993

    Cheapest possible 15" laptop

    Hi, I need the cheapest possible 15" laptop. Main requirement is 24x7 runtime capability. Basically, it shouldn't stop working after about a month running 24x7. Should be powerful enough to play HD videos. Need at least 2 GB RAM. Will be running Linux. Intel based laptops preferred. Also...
  9. R

    Cost of Running a PC 24x7

    Well, this has been a question for some and so its for me too? How much does it cost for running a PC in Indian House holds? Ok, i exaggerated by saying 24x7 but will be running my PC for 15 hours daily, how much of power consumption would it take? I run a 450W power supply, I use it for...
  10. mitraark

    Ideal PC [Low End Gaming] for running 24x7

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A:Mainly for watching Movies , but also play the occasionsal game at low/moderate Ssettings. 2. Are you open to alternate...
  11. aytus

    Suggestion on buying a water Purifier

    Hi guys, I would like to know which is the best water purifier right now in a budget of around 10,000 . I am looking to buy one soon. and like most of my computing buys i want this to be an informed buy. As i dont have 24x7 supply of fresh water , so one with a storage will be preffered. Also...
  12. ico

    [DF] Urban Terror server

    Crap discussion. Server launched - 10 slots /connect gagan.homelinux.com Server name: IND - Hellsheaven 24x7 It will be closed for the Weekends though.
  13. S

    Laptop Issue

    Is it okay to keep the laptop on 24X7 ? Pl advise
  14. morpheusv6

    24x7 PC

    I plan to run my PC 24x7. Could you please suggest whether I should go for a 10k rpm or 7200 rpm hdd?
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