1. D

    [Want to Buy] Good 5.1 Home theater (not for PC)

    I just want to know which Home theater system comes just under 15k and it is good value for money Be it with/without a player
  2. D

    Need an android phone under 15k ??

    Guys I have seen may phones under 15k but I'm confused which one to choose. Though all the emerging developers attracts us with huge configurations and stuffs, they are no match for a branded one. and so my preference is getting "Moto G" Also one added information, I want my phone to last...
  3. P

    best ssd under 15k?

    hello. im looking to upgrade my pc and was hoping that the forum would help me get the best SSD under 15k. i dont know much about setting them up though. is it possible to set up an SSD and an HDD in raid 0 ? im currently using 2 seagate 1 tb HDDs and would like the add the ssd to my setup...
  4. nomad47

    Need a tablet in 15k range

    Hey guys, one of my friend is buying a tablet and am posting on his behalf. Budget: Max 15k Purpose: Web Browsing, tid bit of multimedia and yeah Skype!! Connectivity: 3G and Wi Fi Screen: 7" and above I have suggested him Asus fonepad 7 2013...
  5. mitraark

    Tablet for reading PDF and browsing, 15k

    Need to buy a tablet mainly for reading PDF, and surfing, mostly reading... budget is 15k Need suggestions as to what should be the ideal size for reading purposes, 8+ inches? Planning on using it while travelling, so a 7" would be easier to carry but will it be too small? Shortlisted Asus...
  6. seamon

    Eyewear discussion generals

    Today, 1 month after ordering, my Gunnar professional gaming specs arrived. Ordered from Gunnar India website for 15k bucks. It's anime onyx RX(power). I hope my school allows them.
  7. akhilc47

    New GPU under 15k

    I'm planning to buy a new GPU for my pc. Current config is as follows, FX6300 asus m5a97 r2.0 seasonic s12ii 520 vengeance 4gb current card: nvidia gt 630 case : nzxt gamma [ pls tell if the card will fit properly ] monitor : dell 20" 1600*900 may upgrade it later to fHD My budget is...
  8. A

    Low Light performance camera under 15k

    Hi Guys Is there any point and shoot camera that delivers very good performance under lights for 15k or there is none. I would also like to know the issues about the camera if you suggest some.
  9. I

    Smartphone under 15k

    I want to buy a new budget smartphone. Screen size-4.5+ OS-any Preffered brand-any To be used mostly for playing games, surfing the web and watching videos. Also, should I wait for the moto g? If yes then why? I have seen phones like the xolo play t1000 with better specs and the same...
  10. cyborg47

    Smartphone for Dad.

    Dad's a business man, does a lot of talking on the phone, and prefers a simple UI(windows ;) ). I've got my eyes on Lumia 720, the battery performance seems better than 620 or 520, though I'm not entirely sure. I'd be grateful to hear any brief reviews from the 720 users or other suggestions...
  11. C

    suggest best gpu under 15k

    1.Which Power Supply do you have? Ans: cooler master R650-PCAR Extreme power plus 650 w 2. What is your budget? Ans: 15k Max 3. Which resolution will you game at? Ans: 1920*1080p 4. What are your current computer specifications? Ans: i5 3470 Ram-Gskill...
  12. D

    need to buy a smartphone, under 15K

    i need a android phone: budjet 15K preffered brand Sony looking for a good display and music quality for multimedia screen size 4" it should come in pocket in budjet Xperia m dual seems a good option but anyone here who can tell me best alternative to this phone
  13. Shibaprasad

    PC under 15k

    PC under 15k for Financial Accounting My friend needs a PC for his financial accounting course. Please suggest PC components with price 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will...
  14. M

    Sony Xperia M vs Samsung Galaxy Core?

    hi folks, confusion between Xperia M & Galaxy Core,which one is good to buy? or tell me other options. i want android smart phone below 15k..??
  15. ranjitsd

    Need 24 inch LED TV Urgent

    Need 24 inch led Tv Budget is 15k
  16. girishpaiv

    The Best Phone under 18k : Gionee Elife E5 <-to let all know->

    Had a lot of confusions on which phone to buy and i just landed buying the best phone in 18k, yes am confident !!.. The Gionee Elife E5 @ 18.2k(i bought from local store) [available on ebay @17k] *gionee.co.in/wp-content/uploads/3111.png Official site Review by gogi Its months of...
  17. flyingcow

    Want to buy a phone for 26k

    1. Budget- 25-26k 2. Display type and size- 4.X" 3. Preferred choice of brand?- Nexus,LG,Sony (NO to Samsung) 5. Preferred input method- Touch 6. Preferred operating system?- Android. 7. Preferred connectivity options- 3g/2g/Wifi 8. Primary use of handset - Gaming, Applications, Surfing...
  18. bad_till_bones

    Tablet with calling capability - Under 15k

    Hi Guys, Please suggest a good tablet under 15k. - Calling - YES! - Full HD required
  19. R

    Need Good Android Under 15k.

    Hey, I want to buy a good android phone under 15k, with good performance and a good battery life, atleast a day (average use). And a low SAR value ofcourse. I have some phones in mind.. 1. Lenovo A706 2. Spice Stellar Pinacle Pro. 3. Huwai ascend P1 4. HTC one V Any other suggestions...
  20. N

    A LED TV under 15k Please

    Hello friends, I just decided to buy a new LED TV under 15k. I looked at some model and I came to put my stop on one model- Toshiba PU 200(23 inch). The salesman also suggested me Samsung 5000 series at the same price range and with same warranty(3 years). Me and my friend...
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