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  1. S

    New phone within Budget 14k...?

    helo guys i have a budget rund 14k and i want to buy best cellphone preferentially a smrtphone within it..i have choice like nokia c6,x3 corby ..and few models of HTC ..lease suggest me best out of it.i will be very thankful!~
  2. A


    Hello, I want to buy a Netbook, I just want to watch movies and do surfing, i guess it will server the purpose. I want Some good one around 10k. I saw Samsung NetBook N 128, But i cant spend 14k for a Netbook. If you know some good one, plz tell me.
  3. angie

    should i buy nokia 5530

    I want to buy a mobile with wifi atleast 3.2 MP camera Must be a music phone 3.5mm jack for headphones. 3G NOT a must. Touch phone NOT a must. Should i buy 5530 @ 14k or is there any phone better than this below this price?? any brand will do.
  4. K

    Which Pocket PC is best ?

    Pls tell me Which Pocket PC is best within 10K - 14K.
  5. krates

    N78 users...

    i am thinking of getting the N78 in april .. please tell is there any problem with the phone that it is priced so cheaply ??? 14k are you all facing some loudspeaker problem ? i am getting it for 14k out here ... but some people are saying it is available for 13k .. is it true ??
  6. M

    G700 or W890 oe N73 ME - which is the best? Plz help...

    Hi guys, need to buy a phone within 14k.... have zeroed in on these after some research.... am really confused, ur valuable inputs will be highly appreciated...
  7. ilugd

    Assembling a cpu for 14k

    One of my friends wants a simple system to use for his home needs. Maybe do some office works, listen to songs and watch movies, the works. He may also want to play some games sometimes. He can spend Rs. 14k for the CPU. Can someone recommend a good standard configuration?
  8. sautrik

    14k budget >> Nokia 81 or Others. Pls suggest me.

    Hey friends i am planning to buy a new mobile next month. My budget is 14k and I am thinking of Nokia N81 2gig but, any suggestion will be well accepted. My requirements are : # Good Music player. # Good web browser. # good Battery Backup. # Multitasking. # Gaming. # Average Camera. looking...
  9. A

    HELP Need new processor and motherboard suggest please

    i want to get a new PC so i am interested in Core 2 Duo processor. so can any body tell which sub type of processor to get and which motherboard.. for it and can any one also tell me does any motherboard supports Direct X 10 ... if it does then i will prefer it.. thanks a loot...
  10. rohit_bawa

    Which Phone..... confused

    Hi everybody, I want a Quad-band phone (coz i am going outside india) which should be all rounder in music and imaging, my budget is around 14k, my personal take is on N73, N80 or Nokia 5700, please suggest which is better. And any idea of price drop!
  11. Sukhdeep Singh

    5700, N70M or N73 - Budget 14k

    Hi I dont have much knowledge in Mobile Area. Can u tell what are pros and cons of 5700, N70M and N73(not in budget of14k but i might conisder if it has some nice features to offer) I have to buy a new cell in a few days. My Budge is like 14K :)
  12. R

    Recommend best Mobo for C2D and Quad C2D in price range of 9K to 14K

    Please recomment best Mobo for C2D and Quad C2D in price range of 9K to 14K
  13. S

    Best Mobile For 14K.

    Hi fellas, Which is the best mobile for a budget of 14K, It should have really excellent audio quality, Camera should be very decent, And it should have either 3G or EDGE(Which is better?) And it should have expandable of upto 2GB(preferibly 4GB) So which is the mobile which has all of this.
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