1. bajaj151

    Surrender Airtel Broadband after 1 month

    Is it possible to surrender Airtel Broadband connection after 1 month ? Reason : Shifting to MTNL 999 rather that using Airtel 999 (10GB)
  2. rohit2hell

    Need To Upgrade My RAM...

    Hi to All Digitians I have AMD Phenom II 955 BE (3.2Ghz) Asus M4A78T-E Series mothrbord 2X2GB DDR3 Transcend Ram (1333 Mhz) 1 GB HD4870 (MSI graphic card) i need to upgrade my RAM from 4GB to 8GB - 10GB which wud be better n Compatible to my Motherboard..?? please help thnks in...
  3. A

    MTNL launches HSDPA

    MTNl the Govement Compony intrduce 3g in Mumbai thy are charging 10GB @2250 *** *** they implement FUP on it menace 10GB per month for more info see http://dolphin.mumbai.mtnl.net.in/cominfo/hsdpa_service.doc technology is moving very fast i think we get 3G when world introduce 4G, see...
  4. maddy_in65

    Hard disk problem

    My friend has brought Dell 1525 last week, This laptop has 160gb HDD. Yesterday, he tries to do partition of 150gb C Drive using partition and every thing went wrong. After restart of the system, he found that system is not able to boot. he inserted vista disc and checked that C drive has been...
  5. sourav123

    Recovering Deleted Partitions - Please Help

    I have a 120GB hard drive with Vista installed. Some time back I had created a partion of 10 GB using the Vista disk manager. Now by some mistake, I have deleted the partion and I can't see the 10GB space anywhere in Windows. Can anybody please tell me what is the problem or how can I get back...
  6. ComputerUser

    Adding space to OS drive

    I currently have 10gb on my C dive. I want to delete one partition which also has 10gb and add that space to the C drive. How can I do this without deleting the OS or formatting the drive?
  7. B

    How to make a Partition

    I have a New 80GB HDD with 2 drives C and D. Now i want to change them on CDEFG. So how should i make a partition . I want 20GB on C drive for my Vista. and other 10Gb. Please help me, which software should i use for them.
  8. s18000rpm

    How To Create Partition On OS Drive

    For Some Reason (Major problem with virus) i had to Totally Recover My PC yesterday (FULL Re-Install of XP & during this All Partition which were created, had to be DELETED) Now the C: Drive has 68GB & D: Drive (Recovery Drive) has 6.41 GB. Now i want to Partition the C: Drive in this...
  9. s18000rpm

    Hard Drive Partitioning- XP Home Edition

    For Some Reason i had to Totally Recover My PC yesterday (FULL Re-Install of XP & during this All Partition which were created, had to be DELETED) Now the C: Drive has 68GB & D: Drive (Recovery Drive) has 6.41 GB. Now i want to Partition the HD in this way.... C: 10GB (Only for OS) D...
  10. A

    Using 2 HDDs BUT ........

    I have a Samsung 10GB HDD( with Win98) and Seagate 80GB HDD( with SuSE10 and WinXP Pro). I want to copy some data on to the 10GB from a friend and transfer it on the 80 GB one. But when i connect both the HDDs,the SAMSUNG 10GB behaves like the primary altough I set the Jumper to secondary...
  11. R

    Linux as additional os

    my pc's config: intl 3.00 Mhz 2Mb cache 64bit samsung 17" monitor 80 GB SATA Samsung HDD C: winxp pro 40 GB D: sony DVD writer E: empty 10GB F: empty 10GB G: empty 20 GB Now I want to install Linux along with Win xp(pro) Please...
  12. piyush gupta

    HDD Bad Sectors

    Hi I have a 10GB seagate HDD my prob is that whenever i try to make partitions on it I can't format it due to Bad Sectors I tried Seagate's Low Level format & Zero Fill utilities but it fails Do this HDD is dead or I can use it anyway using any other s/w? It still detects 10Gb on my PC
  13. S

    Hard Disk Support

    I have a small doubt. My friend Motherboard supports only 10Gb of Hard disk space. Recently we bought a 40GB Hard disk. But we were able to use only 10GB and the rest is left unused. I want to have full access to the Hard disk space. Some say that you have to update ur BIOS. What is the solution...
  14. Choto Cheeta

    NTFS or FAT32 which is better

    I have a 80GB hard drive with 6 partitions..... C 10GB FAT32 D 10GB NTFS E 10GB FAT32 F 15GB FAT32 G 15GB FAT32 H 20GB FAT32 I have a dual boot system...... windows 98SE in C drive & windows XP Pro in D that is NTSF....... My question is, which is the fastest between NTFS &...
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