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    motherboard needed ASAP

    i had bought a pc in 2005..... the warranty period has expired.... few dayz back it stoped starting..... then i contacted the person from whom i had bought it..... he checked n told dat d IC has being damaged n it cant b repaired locally.... there 4 d motherboard has to b get replaced 4 a...
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    Master Hardware Contact List

    nice work dude
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    Latest Processor Prices

    nice work man ....this thread should b made sticky
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    well i play koc n hellwars here r d links and they r really kol .....
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    do anybody play these kinda games???????
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    Guide to a free domain name

    great work
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    home cd player to mp3 player

    if have a software like mp3 ringtone gold ...u can easil do that
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    Reset ur ADMIN password

    nice it worked
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    Wanted Cheat Codes

    well the developer of this game has not given any cheat the only way is to change some files name u can do it like this just find one folder in the game its name is ai ...............creat a back up pf this folder now in this folder u will find some files like civilian, sniper, etc...
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    Hitman search engine:faster than google

    really a bit faster
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    graphic problem?????? help needed

    thanx dude's ................
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    to save embedded online videos

    both of them r good
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    catch free rapidshare premium account

    it totally depends on ur luck..........
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    [Lesson 4.1,5,6 updated]Make your own skins for Winamp 5

    nice work will try to 1 bye my self
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