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    Ati HD 3870 in Hyderabad price

    Comparing each other is not worth. In that sense may be 8800GT is little better but seeing that ATI HD3850 & 3870 cards are DX 10.1, that is crucial and futuristic. Graphic cards do help a bit in applications you mentioned specialy graphic related. Sapphire is the hottest along with MSI in HD...
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    Buying a Motherboard....

    I think you should upgrade this guide, since then lot has happened
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    PenDrive....SanDisk Cruzer or Trancend vSeries,which's Good?

    your last stop should be sandisk. It will cost you arround 1800 on ebay, buy from some reputed seller there. Once you use sandisk, you will forget all other brands. i have been using it for more than 2 years, firsly 1gb and recently 4gb. The best is sandisk
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    Intel Q6600 or AMD X2 6000+ Black edition?

    Stay away from AMD, I have personaly experience the loss by deciding to go with AMD and then resell within 15 days at half the price
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    ATI3850 at same price as of 8800GT

    Duno, It is better you get through someone from USA. There are members who have mentioned that they have bought at newegg. I havn't so i don't know. ou can have a chat there at newegg with their customer support and know if they ship or not.
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    ATI3850 at same price as of 8800GT

    Yes, it should be arround 8000-9000. Less than $200 card it has been said all over the world. Sapphire has got very pretty models, one with heat pipe, 512MB one. I think HD 3850 is better choice as compared to 8800GT. The problem is of getting it on fair price here in India. See they are...
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    Duplicate ICICI website-BEWARE

    SBI is hell. With illeterate employees, no manners. There can be no cmparasion they are meant for different classes. ICICI was far better 5 years back. They have become greedy now a days. SBI is still useless and will stay as it is till in the hands of Govt.
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    [By Demand] Digit November 2007

    - Crysis beta demo. - Review of latest motherboards [ G33, P35 & X38 and other equivalent like 650i] by various companioes. Situation has become very confused with so many companies [intel, msi, asus gigabyte, biostar- t series, ecs, foxxcon, xfx, ati, amd, abit and what not] entering into...
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    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    My requirement is ATX board in G33, with which i will combine intel C2D 6XXX series processors [not decided yet]. I have 2GB of kingston RAM 667 mhz, which i will upgrade to 800 mhz of kingston or corsair. I don't want that asus board which you suggested because that has only one p/s 2. Budget...
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    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    This board has only one p/s 2 port, so u have to have usb mouse. In that case why not MSI G33 Neo or MSI G33 Platinum. your sugestion please
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    e6750 or X2 5600+

    P35 board ?? Why Biostar?? Why not Intel, MSI, Asus Or Gigabyte???
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    e6750 or X2 5600+

    Now I have shifted to a place [remote] where access to net is very pathetic through gprs. So I will not be able post any bench marks. I am though not layman but have tried to find reasons and came to conclusion that it might be due to lower L2 cache on AMD processors. X2 is cooler than old...
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    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    Suggest a G33 motherboard, ATX from, no crossfire required. Is Intel DG33FB good enough or MSI G33 Platinum. Any idea on their cost and performance. When is digit carrying out review of these new motherboards i.e G33, P35 & X38 etc. For intel which all mobos are available with nvidia 7020...
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    e6750 or X2 5600+

    Yes I admit that I am crying within 2 days of buying X2 [5000+ 65 NM]. It is useless. It is worse than even my old Pentium IV 3.0 with 2mb cache. I think in AMD L2 cache is bottle neck. It is 4 moths since I have purchased this X2 and repenting for my decision. This X2 with 2 GB of 667 mhz...
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    New Amd Rig

    See there are plenty of review sites, you should not take them seriously. I can quote you few, who have rated biostar a very good board but not for overclocking. Its price is also very nice and it has both HDMI & DVI. For a person like me who is looking for HDMI & DVI both integrated, have no...
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