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    Google Nexus owners thread

    Count me for nexus 4 8gb model
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    Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II - Short Review

    me too purchased aurora ii from mp4nation @ 142 $. my unit is with 717 firmware. no touch issues till day, got in hands this saturday only. battery backup is also gud. wht i would like to ask is i dont have ne otg cable. is this otg cable same of s2/note. where to purchase this otg cable and...
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    Ainol Novo 7 Elf II VS IBERRY AUXUS AX03G..

    rate increased to 169$ @ mp4nation. means 1k steep rise..... )O
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    Ainol Novo 7 Elf II VS IBERRY AUXUS AX03G..

    was the default language english (i mean firmware language, box packing,manual) or it was chinese(greek :P). did u encountered any problem in the unit.... u can also add some snapshots of the product which u recived. m also egarly waiting for my tab to arrive . mine is shipped today. i hope...
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    Ainol Novo 7 Elf II VS IBERRY AUXUS AX03G..

    just got to see this link . i must say very informative forum dedicated to chinese android tabs this section is only dedicated to aurora ii Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II - SlateDroid.com by the way my status on mp4nation is still "under processing". plz guide me.... and wht was the declared goods...
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    Ainol Novo 7 Elf II VS IBERRY AUXUS AX03G..

    me too ordered from mp4nation.net @ 142.05 usd. mine status is still under processing (i ordered on 4th aug @ 10-11 am ). can u plz tell me when can i expect my tab to arrive i live in jaipur..?
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    Dual Sim(GSM+GSM) under 5K

    Spice Mi-350 - adexmart a little over 5k
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    RCOMLSB expired :(. Any other available code?

    me too checked it expired again. oh man i was about to order a few things .... :(
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    RCOMLSB expired :(. Any other available code?

    today tried to order one more item from letsbuy but when applied RCOMLSB it shows that i already have redeemed the coupon wht to do........ created another mail id and ordered the item :):):):):)
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    RCOMLSB expired :(. Any other available code?

    i also ordered Fujifilm FinePix JZ300 Digital Camera from letsbuy using RCOMLSB .the final price is 7853 (including discount of 1386). i had opted for COD. will u guys plz tell me that this deal is good or not and this website is reliable or not ?
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    merits and demerits of custom ROMs

    friends thanks to digit to start a new sub section . i dont know much about custom roms(cooking or building them) but used many of them from xda forum. why not we discuss the merits and demerits of these custom roms like by using custom roms we can remove crap wares of the original rom BUT...
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    Mobile Number Portability

    here in rajasthan cheapest gprs/edge services are from DOCOMO 48 rs recharge for 2gb/a month
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    Any Idea about Idea's Edge service tarrif ??

    in rajasthan 95 rs voucher for 2 gb/a month . very good speeds around 30 kbps for file downloads
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    The LG Optimus One Thread

    product shipped today payment done through netbanking
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    The LG Optimus One Thread

    i purchased o1 from ebay today for 11.5k :)
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