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    Shareaza - The Best P2P Client

    citorrent is a network, bitcomet is a client for the bittorrent network
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    Internet on ur symbian using phones pc connection

    useful, now i'll have to get an ngage ;-)
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    Changing phpbb banner link

    how do you change the link of the banner in phpbb like it's been done on this website???
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    Google Adsense on my Yahoo 360 blog? Possible?

    don't do it, you may be banned instantly
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    Shareaza - The Best P2P Client

    the article at ca is dated aug 2004, so it may be an older version. Shareaz was not open source then
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    Pls Help, Need Serious Performance Boost

    it works man, and well, it was the ultimate in 2000 and cost my dad Rs. 1,20,000. Within a uear he was fed up with it and gave it to me. I'm Running Xp Pro with the following software - Windows Media Player 10 Picasa Firefox and opera both Bluetooth Service is always running along with...
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    Categories in Blogger

    ok, fine, but i'll post the source since it's under a creative commons license in some corner. btw, even i agree that wordpress is better and am looking to shift to it, but this for specifically fo those who are stuck. Gr8 avatar, is it in the directory
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    Categories in Blogger

    Blogger - The Best Place to start Blogging - Probably True Blogger - The Best Blogging Platform - Definately Not True One major functionality that blogger lacks is categories, which is present in almost every other decent blogging platforms. So if you, like i once was, are irritated with the...
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    list me some useful wap sites

    kobrawap.com search for gherudos
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    Google Adsense on my Yahoo 360 blog? Possible?

    google mentions that their ads can't be placed together with a competitor and i don't know if yahoo 360 already features ads, but if yahoo ads are there, the u can't use adsense
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    software such as those that can't be immediately grasped eg. hack and crack are not an ideal way to start a hacking carrer
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    7610 OR 6630

    all prices go down, it's a reality with technology, some are happy with it while others are sad.
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    7610 OR 6630

    hey, 6680 is availible thru all nokia priority dealers, there was a full page ad in ht delhi three days ago. Always think be4 u buy, and everyone knows about 6630
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    Coming soon: Microsoft 'push' e-mail

    not gonna work in india
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    7610 OR 6630

    6630, or even better 6680 for 262k screen an 2 cams for 3g conf when it comes to india
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