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    Roxio Easy DVD Creator 9 problems

    hi fellow, I have a Sony DW-Q120A DVD Writer, I use the new Roxio EASY DVD Creator 9 software for writing the DVDs. The problem is even though I set the maximum write speed to either "Max" or manually set it according to the Disc supported speed "8x" or "16x" , the disc gets written only at...
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    which cabinet/smps will be good for this config ?

    put 400W smps if your sure you are not going to put a graphics card in tthe future else buy a 450W. Go for quality brand like Antec or powersafe or zebronics, Im not sure abt the current smps prices sorry.... Myself got the Zebronics 500W for 1.7k and VIP G100 cabinet for 2.2k...
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    So to who actually is the SLI thingy worthy : I say its for the People who own kickass monitors such as 21"LCDs and want to play games at good fps at very high resolutions and highest settings and want to utilise the new Extreme HD technology.... People who are building a new system, its...
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    Motorola Razr V3x

    I live in coimbatore and none of the shops have the V3x model and they ve not even heard of it yet..... they say V3i is the latest and is available for 12K....... Anybody plz help in telling me the price and availability in South India......plz
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    17" CRT

    I agree, Viewsonic is a very good brand. myself using the E70fsb....the diff between "f" and "fsb" is only the monitor's outer color the latter is silver black and also diff between e70 and e72 is that e72 's back is round and not like other ordinary crt monitors, anyways the performance...
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    The Greatest Character In A Game Of All Time.........

    how abt JC Denton from Deus Ex ???
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    Motorola Razr V3x

    hi fellows, I want to buy the motorola Razr V3x 2MP Cam, 3G phone.. anybody knows how much it costs here, also if I buy it abroad can I claim warranty here in India?? plz reply, Thanks in Advance
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    Your motherboard is Intel D865 series it has only AGP slot and ATI X1900 is available only in PCIx version. you can go for nVidia 7800GS AGP Card its the best there is for AGP currently. I dont know how much it costs but try contacting Rashi peripherals.... also add another 512 MB of the same...
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    Suggest a good 2.1 channel speaker.

    I dont think newegg will ship products for international delivery.....Infact I doubt they even support International Billing. Amazon.com supprots international billing but I dont know abt the delivery.
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    Which is better? 7600GT or 6800GS?

    The 7600GT is ofcourse better than the 6800GS as it has all the 7 series technology and stuff.... as for the pricing the companies dont seem to reduce the price of a current card when a new card is recently launched.. even now the price of a 6800Ultra is higher than the 7800GTX....bizarre...
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    suggest a cnfg under 80000 Rs!!!!!!!!

    @everyone Is Athlon FX-60 available in India, if so whats the price here @thinktwice Asus A8N32-SLI is an excellant motherboard, however buy this and try put the extreme end cards such as the 2 of the 7800GTX or 7900GTX if you want to really see a acceptable performance in the SLI...
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Hey guys, Why is the price of 6800Ultra higher than the 7800 series of cards, is the ultra version of 6800 a higher performer than 7800 series??? Leadtek 6800 ULTRA 256MB = Rs.33,400/- Leadtek 7800GT 256MB = Rs.24,400/- Leadtek 7800GTX 256MB = Rs.29,400/- Leadtek 6800 ULTRA...
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    iPod Video

    For 20,000bucks I would say NO...The Ipod video battery life during video playback is real bad, my friend's 30gb ipod's freshly charged battery drains in 1hr 50mins or so when watching a movie. . How would that be when yur travelling and watching the lord of the rings or a hindi movie... I...
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    pink monitor!!!!!!

    I once had a similar problem on my old Sony Trinitron 15sf Monitor, it was 5 years old and i used to slap the monitor to make the tint go away it worked well :lol: for a few days but then the tint started to change to green and later blue and again changed colors at regular intrevals... what...
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    PC case problem

    I have the same rig but with 7800GT gfx card, Im using VIP G100 cabinet and zebronics 500W Platinum series SMPS Cabinet cost me 2.1K and SMPS costs me 1.7K... This cabinet has a transparent side door, its kindda good as compared to the price of Antec Lanboy costing around 4.5k. If you dont...
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