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    [Emergency] Purchasing Galaxy Nexus Phone Need Suggestions

    I am using Galaxy Nexus, purchased from from some dealer in Gujarat. He's got good reputation. But I didn't think once about warranty and all because as RCuber said already it is not supported officially in India so that's the risk you have to take. I am using it happily for past three...
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    PC Restart - No Overheating

    Hi- I am facing a strange issue ever since I have purchased a new PC (well not exactly after that but after installing VMWare). The specifications of my PC are as follows: What I have done till now is: Removed graphics card and run PC. It restarts again and again. Removed and fit both RAM...
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    SharePoint Development-Casual Gaming

    thanks ico. I will actually prepare a VM for this, so will double the RAM to 8GBs (>4GB is must for a VM to run SharePoint and SQL Server etc). I have Intel Dual Core, 2GB RAM, XFX8600GT on some MSI MB which I purchased around 4 years ago. It can't run my setup. As you said about Techniboy's...
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    SharePoint Development-Casual Gaming

    Thanks Techniboy for that config..but is that GPU really required?
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    SharePoint Development-Casual Gaming

    Hi Folks, I have read similar threads and buying advice thread by Jas but was still confused so creating a new thread to get help from you guys, here goes the questionnaire: 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Generic answers will not...
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    Do you have hyundai i20 (petrol)?

    Just to clear your doubt, this doesn't stand true for current generation of diesel engines. maintenance used to be an issue with carburetor based engines but now engines have fuel injection technology which does not require aggressive maintenance. I have a WagonR which needs servicing every...
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    my samsung monte modded..

    looks good buddy...congrats :) We Galaxy SL i9003 owners are also waiting for a "good" mod at xda...
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    Salary or Better Workplace -Which one would you compromise on and why?

    Exactly my sentiments :) I would not say more on this as people may get hurt.
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    Salary or Better Workplace -Which one would you compromise on and why?

    Well I for one do not give much attention to money. No, I do not come from a millionaire family but the values I got from my father worth the same. He is an honest government officer and we learnt it (the hard way ofcourse) that money is not at all important in life. Coming back to your...
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    TCS or Accenture?

    Work environment in Accenture is better overall. But it is human being that work in every company so it cannot be "tied" to one company. Hike in Accenture depends on performance. I have seen "many" people who have got back to back promotions and good performance rating (which results in hike in...
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    BSNL intros FTTH service in Pune, promises Internet speed up to 100Mbps

    why morons? who else will pay for infrastructure if not customer? I admit as a customer, FUP is wrong
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    No sending more than 100 SMS per day from September 27

    I am getting sms from TD-060071 etc. No change in number of sms
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    ThinkDigit Forum - bugs, suggestions etc.

    Well I clicked on the thread link from peripheral forum: I have not attached any "print" anywhere on my own. Test it yourself by clicking on the link above.
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    ThinkDigit Forum - bugs, suggestions etc.

    How does this happen: Other threads show up fine.
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    BSNL intros FTTH service in Pune, promises Internet speed up to 100Mbps

    I think Skud from Pune quoted in thread Win8 Preview that his office uses 100Mbps BSNL line...I think they have fiber connection.
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