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    dell inspiron extended warranty worth 11k?

    hi , i have a dell inspiron 5520 which is almost 1 year old. I wanted to go in for an extended warranty and i contacted dell. They told me that the complete cover costs 8k for 1 year and 11k for 2 years :-x. is 11k warranty worth taking for a laptop costing 44k? I still have about 10 days...
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    How to unlock tata photon

    hi guys. I have a tata photon plus, but cancelled the connection because the speed was very low (0.7-1 Mbps). Could something guide me as how i can unlock it. I stay at hyderabad, so if anyone knows a place where it can done, please let me know.
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    Official Android discussion thread

    is the jellybean update for galaxy s2 out yet?
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    Official Android discussion thread

    Bought a galaxy s2 yesterday. I am new to this thread. Please suggest some games and must have apps.
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    Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070-

    true. but many websites are suggesting a price figure of around 25k. in 25k u can easily get a s2 which is even better than s3 mini
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    Dell Inspiron 14R/15R/17R Turbo Laptop Thread

    is it? i didt know there was such an option. Off topic: Got my 15R very recently. Check my signature:razz:
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    Mobile under 17k

    heard sola is facing many display and network issues worldwide.
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    Please advise a mobile in 15-21k

    from a atrix 2 user. i also saw some synthetic benchmarks. it has only 13gb usable memory. would not be sufficient
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    Please advise a mobile in 15-21k

    heard that the display, camera and performance are not upto the mark.
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    Please advise a mobile in 15-21k

    it is a second hand phone available at a shop. i'll need more than 16gb usable memory. the one S has 16gb fixed memory which would not be sufficient as usable memory would be only 12-13gb. does ebay give cod? because i dont have a card. How about xperia S?
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    Please advise a mobile in 15-21k

    hi guys, i am looking to buy a phone (android) with decent capabilities. My requirements Budget is 15-21k. buying in india Display type and size: touch >=3.7inch preferably 4.3inch Preferred choice of brand? Any brand which has less problems and acceptable service. i stay in hyderabad...
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    Dell Inspiron 14R/15R/17R Turbo Laptop Thread

    Can anyone tel where i can buy a 15R se fhd in hyderabad/secunderabad? (not from dell store)
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    Best In-Ear under1.5k (in store prices i.e not online shopping prices )

    senheisser cx 18o. I have they and they are very good.
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    Want to purchase a Laptop in 50K.

    Had a faulty graphic card in my laptop. they offered a replacement but i took the laptop having medium gaming in mind but now i dont have time for gaming, hence returned it. I am now buying dell inspiron 15R (i5- non special). Trust me its a very good laptop which does not heat up a lot.
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    consequences of buying a phone without a bill and warranty

    i am getting a sony xperia sola for 14k without bill. is it worth it? it is a box piece and new.
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