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    low fps in gtx 970

    hello guys I am facing a problem with my system ie low fps in gtx 970.let me describe it below System Specifications 1 500w tagan power supply 2 asus a88xm-a motherboard 3 amd a6 6600k 4 8 gb corsair venegance ram 5 asus strix gtx 970 I have windows 8.1 installed 64 bit. Things i have...
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    selling photon plus

    hi guys i want to sell my photon plus it is registered with my id proof and address what should be the precautions taken by me please advice thanks in advance
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    google sites not connecting

    thku saiyan goku it worked, and bhargavj i live in ranchi jharkhand and this is the first time this problem has popped up i have been using bsnl bb for quite a long time now any reasons how to resolve this permanently ? and any reasons why this happens ? has any one contacted bsnl customer...
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    google sites not connecting

    hello guys i was not sure where to post this but here isw the weird problem i am facing i use bsnl bradband modem with 950 unlimited plan, recently (may be one or two days) i am not able to open any google related pages such as google.co.in or youtube.com gmail is opening but partially with...
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    windows 8.1 update 1 problems

    hi guys i was udating today my copy of windows 8.1 to update 1 which was released yesterday but the problem that came up was it gave an error on 99% saying that failed in configuring updates after one or two tries it again gave the same error but when my system booted i saw that it has been...
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    Unable to Purchase from PSN Store

    Hello guys I have a ps3 and i recently bought ps4 the problem is that with my new ps4 a 14 day ps plus subscription came which i activated using my axis bank debit card and the card was accepted now the problem is that whatever i am trying to purchase from the store or i am trying to add funds...
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    broadband connection woes

    No I dont use any download manager . Use the default in Firefox opera etc
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    broadband connection woes

    hello guys I have a very irritating problem which crept up recently i use a bsnl broadband with 2 mbps unlimited plan which is a adsl connection i have connected it to my tp link wifi router for wireless connection the problem i have been facing is that recently when i download something i am...
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    stylish laptop

    sorry guys i forgot to mention my budget is below 40000
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    stylish laptop

    hello guys' I have a query i want to give my sister a laptop that should be good looking and stylish and not kiddish as she is a doctor my fav brands are dell,hp the laptop need not be a monster but should be a good performer it should have minimum Core i5 4th or 3rd generation, 4 gb of ram...
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    android below 27k

    thku guys i myself was a bit inclined towards zl will get the zl
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    android below 27k

    hi guys i want to buy an android phone for upto 27k for gaming and multitasking purposes i have selected some by myself 1) xperia ZR 2) htc desire 600 3) nexus 4 4) samsung galaxy S3 please suggest me any one of the above or any other brand if it is good please no indian brands
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