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    Adobe abandons iPhone code tools (thanks to Apple)

    ^^ Exactly, Flash just kills android phones! Running it barely doesn't mean it "supports" flash!
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    Adobe abandons iPhone code tools (thanks to Apple)

    This was quite expected!
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    Fake Call Costs Me Rs.10 per min.

    ^^ rofl!! :))
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    Ragging an Education

    I would say remove the word "necessary" from the question. It's about being a necessity or not! And I would say that, yes ragging to a 'decent' extent must be allowed! There are tons of students who just won't come out of their protective shell if they are not shown some demos of the real...
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    How and where to complain?

    Since when did police started charging for registering complaints!!
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    Time to move on!!!

    Well practically I left the forum looong ago. But just come here to check PM's IF any. Earlier I used to visit TDF at least 5 times a day. But now not even once in 5 days!
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    4G comes first time in the world

    ^^India might have AVG. speed of 115kbps BUT thing is that too isn't reliable connectivity :D. Half of the times in smaller cities and rural areas the internet is down! From the above chart it seems like Poland pays the most for internet charges and Japan the least! If were to find India's cost...
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    The 'DONATE TO DIGIT' Thread

    Surprising but you are the only member here, I saw with posts counts growing so fast and that too when Digit is all $hit. What the hell do you post dude :D
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    The 'DONATE TO DIGIT' Thread

    Latest in addition is the 'Blue' color thread titles and usernames! Wow, seems like these guys are trying their best to scare members away!
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    Google Launches Free Public DNS Service

    For gods sake can someone please give this guy a warning! EVERY link he posts points to this site only!
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    Giveaway: Cyberlink PowerDirector 8

    Dude you post about every giveaway on that site and that even is not really a "giveaway". It's more like a luck draw! Are you advertising on his behalf? I mean spamming forums?
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    An interview with Ankit Fadia

    Ankit Phadia :P
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    Water to cost more for Delhiites from New Year

    That's fine yaar! It's obvious and how much are you gonna run up anyways. A McD meal or at max two perhaps? I don't know why media make such an issue when water cost increases by a fraction and cylinder prices increases by Rs.25/cylinder. I mean WTF man! People spend Rs.500 bucks so easily on...
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    The 'DONATE TO DIGIT' Thread

    Don't think there will be enough co-operation from members as: 1. Most people here are just passive members. 2. People who 'really' post and take part in discussion are very small in number. 3. I guess around 50% should be guests (Not even registered members) So it's kinda difficult.
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