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Digit e-Magazine

Digit July 2022 – Digital Only Edition

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Contains digital versions of:

1. Digit (Technology Magazine)
2. FastTrack (How-to Guide) – 96 pages
3. dmystify (Science Guide) – 36 pages
4. SKOAR! (All about Gaming) – 16 pages
5. e-DVD (Science, tech, culture and alternative content) – More than 50 GB of content

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Your favourite tech magazine package is now available in a digital form, and also includes an e-DVD which spans 50+GB of content. Discover software, tools, trailers, movies, lectures, wallpapers and numerous other content curated by the Digit editorial team.

Here’s what you can expect to see in this month’s edition:

Don’t buy anything

Most financial experts aren’t even debating whether a recession is coming or not, the talk is only about how bad it will be. In uncertain times, a lot of us have got used to retail therapy to soothe our nerves.It’s what happened at the start of the pandemic, with all of us online shopping to try and forget that we were stuck in our homes. However, when you’re insecure about the very source of your income, spending makes no sense. This cover story will make a case for not buying most things, or at least buying only what you need, very carefully, evaluating what it is you really need, and what you can do without. In short, buying smarter. But that’s not all, we also show you how you may not need to buy anything new at all! Find out more inside.


GAMES FOR IMPACT – While games are great for entertainment, they’re capable of much much more. There games come with powerful messages


Fast Track to Getting everything done for free

Introduction| Photo Editing| Folder Synchronization| Internet Browsers| Video Players| Photo Viewing| Budgeting| Email| Project Management| Screen Recording| Anti-virus| Internal Communication| Video Editing| Content Management Systems| Word Processing/Office| Password Manager| Audio Editors| File Transfer Protocol| Games| Animation

dmystify – MAGNETISM

Quite attractive


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