Digit e-Magazine

Digit January 2022 – Digital Only Edition


Contains digital versions of:

1. Digit (Technology Magazine)
2. FastTrack (How-to Guide) – 96 pages
3. dmystify (Science Guide) – 36 pages
4. SKOAR! (All about Gaming) – 32 pages
5. e-DVD (Science, tech, culture and alternative content) – More than 50 GB of content

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Your favourite tech magazine package is now available in a digital form, and also includes an e-DVD which spans 50+GB of content. Discover software, tools, trailers, movies, lectures, wallpapers and numerous other content curated by the Digit editorial team.

Here’s what you can expect to see in this month’s edition:

Metaverse Explained

The metaverse is the latest buzzword in technology, and every company seems to be getting involved. Every day there is a new announcement of some sorts that contains the phrase, and everyone seems very excited, but do we even know what the metaverse is? What will using the metaverse look like? Will you be able to find jobs in the metaverse? Is there money in the metaverse? And more importantly, are we already inside the metaverse? All this and more is uncovered in this month’s cover story.



Gaming in the Metaverse


Fast Track to Researching Anything

Before you begin | The scientific method | Cognitive biases and how to avoid them | Search Engines are your friend | Fact-checking 101 | Data Organisation | Building a mind map


dmystify – Plants

Understanding vegetation one plant at a time


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