Zotac GTS 450 or Palit GTS 450??


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I am buying a new GPU...Should i go for Zotac or Palit?? The prices of these two are nearly the same....

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Zotac/Asus/Evga by a mile even if it costs a bit more. I had the initial manufactured 4870 sonics which didn't have any issues like corroding, etc. but after that quality went to the dumps. Corrosion, chinese capacitors with leser-than-recommended resistance, etc. They have decent enough non-reference but now that's the only good part.


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@halo1, don't go by reviews that say Palit Sonic is best (talking about the GTX460, 450, etc) cause they get review samples, & not the retail ones we buy. so avoid Palit. avoid tension in life.
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