Youtube Pwned......!!!

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While Google is making desperate attempts to stop users from downloading from YouTube ,people are coming up with innovative ways of downloading from YouTube

After several greasemonkey scripts, addons and keepvids here is another innovation

Visit it Here

What you have to do is to replace the link with the word pwn before youtube

And its done :D


Pee into the Wind...
Nice...but I still prefer wayching videos in Opera and then simply copying the flv from the cache.! :D


Overlord v2.0
Why redownload it at all??? Rumbling the cache around to find it is easier as well as bandwidth friendly! Nevertheless, I like the concept behind the name of this site.


Slideshow Bob
@thewisecrab: No need to go into offline mode. Check Firefox's cache folder while the video is playing, to see a file whose size is constantly increasing. Once the video has played/buffered fully, copy this file to somewhere else and rename it with an FLV extension. The cache is usually here in XP:

X:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profilename>\Cache
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