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your top 10 games

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Hey Dude

My Top Ten Games are the following:

2.Far Cry
3.Half Life 2
4.Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne
5.Need for Speed Most Wanted
6.Hitman Blood Money (In Advanced)
7.Call of Duty 2
8.Quake 4
9.Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
10.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas


Right off the assembly line
this is my list of top ten games of all time

1> :arrow: the simpsons a very good game and also very funny
2> :arrow: return to the castle wolfenstein without cheats and sound to the max <this game really started the FPS genre>
3> :arrow: halflife excellent
4> :arrow: half life 2 wow in all :!:
5> :arrow: quake2 i really dont like quake3
6> :arrow: doom2 coz doom3 is bullshit
7> :arrow: metal gear solid it really tests ur patience and a very logical game
8> :arrow: burnout: revenge really cool graphics
9> :arrow: age of empires series their work should be mentioned atleast
10> :arrow: last but not the least NFS series
thats it
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