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Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!


"Forgotten sands" > rooftop gardens

Finished "The Witcher"

started "fatal frame iii" (pcsx2)

started Zelda oracania of time


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Started Playing : DiRT Showdown ( for benching purpose actualluy )

Beyond Good and Evil - old but a great game - so far I liked this game a lot.

Bionic Commando :-D

will play it after I get a proper MS 360 controller ;-)
BTW, is this game perfectly playable with KB+Mouse ?


Finished forgotten sands. Game was short but has great level design , gripping gameplay. Enjoyed it.


the graphics are amazing but the combat system was much better in the earlier series...missed the acrobatic moves :(

yeah me to missed those amazing things from warrior within.

Thing that make this game enjoyable was water based puzzles.
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