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Your favorite movie quote

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Wise Old Crow
from 300 movie.


'Today we dine in hell.'

'We have been sharing our culture since morning'


High without substance...
dialogs in 300 were very nice.

When the persian(for some reason he is black, they all are :D) messenger comes and the queen says some thing.

Persian m: What right does a women have amogst men.
Spartain Queen: cause only spartain women give birth to real men.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
its not exactly as it is but its quite close. Watch the movie atleast for the dialogs.
" Dark and difficult time lay ahead ..... and we have to choose between WATS RIGHT and WATS EASY " Albus Dumbledore ...

"With great powers comes Great Responsibility" ... Uncle ben ...

and many more coming ...........


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ok... here's mine

Life aint all about rainbows and sunshine.... its a roller coaster ride... it has a dark and rough side to it....
so it will always try to mow u down..hit u on ur face and beat u to the ground...but it isnt wot it is all about

the point is how much beating can u take..and still go on...

Rocky Balboa in Rocky :p


Mike/Vito Corleone in Godfather
"I am going to give him an offer he cant refuse"

From the Matrix:
My name is NEO. (TO agent smith)
Neo: Do you know how to fly a helicopter?
Trinity: No I Dont..... Yes I do now. :D

digitized said:
Arrey you guys missed the all-time favourite. Mine is a all time favourite from the film "Sholay". ". . . Tera naam kya hain Basanti . . . " :D

Hell this is funny:D:D
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* Teh Flirt King *
Its not from a movie, Its from a Comics, But I really like it:

Girls (seeing spiderman): Aaahhh! Spiderman...
Spiderman : What? Where? Please save me from him? I am just a teenage. :D:D:D


Stay Silent!
ab tera kya hoga kaaliyan

also, the dialgoues, particularly in the Draupadi scene from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron


Google Bot
"Why is the rum gone"- POTC
"Today is the day.. u shall always remember..... " -POTC
"Then we ll fight in the shade" - 300
"Miskozi :D " - Eurotrip


Broken In
I like the beginning of movie - Trainspotting, where hero speak about "choose life.., choose a job ..."and so on.


I have Yolks not Brains!
From Godfather
"Either your brains or your signature will be on this paper". It was on the novel though.

From fight club
"When you wake up at different place at different time, do you wake up as a different person."


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Aabadi aur barbadi ka karan aurat hai.:D [SIZE=-1][NO,NO OFFENSE] [/SIZE]
^unknown film.
Naan oru dharavai sonna nooru dharavai sonna maadhiri
Rajanikanth in tamil film-badhsa

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