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Yahoo! Mash new social network from Yahoo! (Invites Available)

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Yahoo! has finally stepped into the shoes of Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and other similar social networking websites and has launched its own exclusive social network which is known as the Yahoo! Mash. Long ago there were rumors indicating that Yahoo! is working on a social networking website but none of the sources were valid enough to ensure that this news was really true. But I guess its time that rumors meets reality and we have Yahoo! Mash right in front of our very own eyes.
Yahoo! Mash: Social Network by Yahoo!
I came to know about the release of Yahoo Mash! through Shankar Ganesh (Codenamed: Shankee) who is a Tech Blogger and a very close friend of mine. He has a good review on Yahoo Mash! where he expresses his first views on this new social network. Currently Yahoo Mash! is in a Beta phase and an Invitation-Only service. Shankee was one of the first persons to receive an invite to join Yahoo Mash! and he was also kind enough to throw an invitation towards me.

Yahoo Mash has the same “Individual Profile” concept like other social networking websites which means that every user has his/her separate profile. The interface is cool and based 100% on ajax so that you don’t have to refresh the page each time you edit something.
Yahoo! Mash Profile “Wiki” Concept
Yahoo! Mash has a got a new concept in Profile editing which is called as the “Wiki” concept (term coined by me) which enables any of your friends to edit your profile. This is kind of insecure and annoying for as far as I think but you can easily disable it through the Yahoo! Mash settings.
Custom CSS and Styling
MySpace beats social networks like FaceBook and Orkut all because of its one powerful feature i.e. Custom Styling and the good news is that Yahoo! Mash also has this feature. The feature is available in basic and advance mode so everyone can style his/her profile ranging from beginners to professional CSS Gurus.
Just as a treat for everyone who is already on Yahoo! Mash. Scroll down to “Style this Profile” and switch to advance edit mode and enter this CSS.
This will give your profile a unique color scheme as shown in the screenshot above. Just fiddle around with the hex color values to make your profile unique and different from others.
Modules and Widgets

The modules and widgets concept which is most popularly used in FaceBook is in Yahoo! Mash too. Basically your profile is a set of modules/widgets which have been aligned to give your profile a definite shape and structure. You can reposition and readjust the modules the way you like using ajax. There is even a big Module Gallery from where you can add different modules/widgets which you would like to be displayed on your profile homepage.
If you visit my Yahoo! Mash Profile you will see that I have a custom RSS module which shows the latest news and headlines from Sizlopedia.
Blurt, My Stuff, Tags and The Mash Pet

Blurt is a Yahoo! Mash Module which will let you add announcements to your Profile page. The My Stuff module is a very good and handy module that will allow you to interact with your friends. You paste HTML snippets there which includes Flash Games, YouTube videos and other miscellaneous interactive content. Tags module is used to tag your profile with the most relevant keywords and The Mash Pet is a funny new way to express your mood to others who visit your profile.
They call it “Scrapbook” in Orkut and “The Wall” in FaceBook. The GuestBook is a very nice feature that will enable users to leave small text messages on your profile enabling them to interact with you and vice versa.
Yahoo! Mash Blog

Keep an eye on the official Yahoo! Mash Blog which will enlist the updates and will inform you about the latest feature and system updates.

From : http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/sizlopedia/~3/156877735/

If you want an invite please PM me..


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what happened to yahoo 360 ? I think that too was something of similar fashion. This social site mania is going on like the Saas-bahu serials. Its long and boring still it goes on.......


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fun2sh said:
how to get the invitation
try this... i too am part of yahoo mash now :D piyush g too..

any1 need it.. pm me after askin invite in the above InviteShare site.......

planetcall... it's similar to Y360 as u guessed... both work though... i think in collaboration right now... mayb 360'll b dumped l8r... but that name is a lot kooler
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Hmmm, this time I feel like going the otherway round. Joining up first and then inviting my frnds.

Thanks koolbluez for the inviteshare link


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yeah.,.. m too bored of this stupid networkin things...
orkut is stil the best since i hav most contacts there


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Invited everyone who send me a PM, with an e-mail address! You people can invite others too. If anyone need anymore invites post in public :)
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