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How to view list of all members on the forum? Vbulletin had that option.
I am more interested in the "list of all threads started by a member". I want to view all the threads I have started at one place.
On VBulletin I had maintained a group where I had saved all the threads which I started. I can't find that group now and neither I can view all threads which I have started.


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Date of joining shown on the left side of the post is right? I don't think so. Is it because of Xenforo upgrade?
I tried searching the posts/thread I posted/started. None of them are dated older than 10th Oct 2011. So I am kinda sure that I joined on 10th of Oct 2011, not 2010. I don't think I even knew this forum exist in 2010. I started thinking about photography in summer 2011 and later that year when googling I found this forum and joined and started a thread.

I started to dig little more, and now I am 100% sure that the date is wrong. I have few clues/proofs. When I joined this forum, "The Photography thread" was in camera section and Sujoy, toofan & stuge all are shooting with their DSLRs. An year or two ago I read the whole "The Photography thread" and I jotted down few things.

11th Nov 2010 - ico asking if the "photography thread" should be moved to camera section - Proving that I wasn't here in Oct 2010.
Jan 2011 - Sujoy bought his first DSLR, D3100 - Still I am not here.
Mar 2011 - Toofan bought his D90 - Still I am not here.
After toofan, Stuge bought D90 - Still I am not here

My guess is that this date mismatch is after Xenforo upgrade.

Not that it's so important to me (the correct date of joining). Noticed, so mentioning. Out of curiosity I dug a lot to see if the date is right :)
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