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WWE '13 might be coming to PC


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Usually THQ sticks to consoles, when it comes to WWE franchise. But in the recent press release, a snippet caught the eye of many which states that the annual WWE game, will be out for PC.

Take a look at it,


Read the complete press release, here


Good news for us if it comes true.:) last wwe i played was on ps2 , Long ago..... This one should have much improvements of controls and graphics.


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Here Comes The Pain was best among the series.

I agree and i still play it. Brock lesnar is the real guy in this game. Has some amazing grappling moves.

@ Vamsi

Great find buddy. Controller is a must for these kind of games.:)


I am the night...I am...
Playing with AI is nothing. I don't even install these type of games if I don't have someone to plao with.

Yup absolutely true buddy. AI is very easy and predictable even at the hardest difficulty. Real challenge is against a worthy human opponent who can be unpredictable most of the time. :)


Problem with WWE Games is "I don't the like the graphics at all. None of the superstars really look near to reality"

If we take Fifa or PES as an example. The Gameplay, Stadiums, Players & experience is just amazing.

Hope THQ don't screw the PC part like previous.


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Last game that came for PC had crappy gfx but the console WWE games does looks nice. If they look like that then I am OK with that.


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Just quoting Chris Jericho guys :-D , I miss the good ol days of WWE. I hope this WWE game will be good . The last game on PC was WWF Raw , and it had a really old roster even for it's time.

Useless info (read if you've got nothing better to do) : The line I quoted was when the WWE went on a tour to the UK. Here's what happened after Chris Jericho entered the ring.

Jericho : Look at all these people!
The Crowd : *applause and Cheers*
Jericho : I am...the King of the World!
The Crowd : *More cheers*
Jericho : And each one of you , is a JACKASS!
The Crowd : *Boos beyond all recognition*

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