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Windows Phone around 15k..Really URGENT!

Windows Phone around 15k

  • Samsung Omnia W/M

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Lumia 710

    Votes: 4 50.0%
  • Dell Venue Pro

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • HTC Radar

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Samsung Focus

    Votes: 1 12.5%

  • Total voters
Dad wants a phone. He might not be able to handle Android OS plus I like Windows Phone, pretty sleek :)
Any Suggestions?
If anyone wants to add they can. :)

1st Preference. Samsung Omnia W: Samsung Omnia W I8350 Offer | Similar Products | Similar Brand | Similar Price

2nd Preference. Dell Venue Pro: Dell Venue Pro 8GB Unlocked GSM Windows - [ Brand New ] | eBay

3rd Preference. Nokia Lumia 710:

4th Preference. Samsung Focus: Samsung Focus

5th Preference. HTC Radar: HTC Radar: Price in India, Reviews, Specification: Flipkart.com


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none of them.
there isnt any use of buying these phones because they will not get windows 8.
better to wait for sometime till windows 8 phones arrive.
for e.g. HTC Windows phone 8S.
if i still had a choice,i would pick the lumia,then the omnia.

but still dont hurry wait for windows 8 or get a droid.


Broken In
I can't wait man!
That's why the topic says URGENT.
Windows Phones will launch in q4 and take at least a month coming to India.
The launch prices will be high too then.
I know about phi,arrow and other phones but really no time.

Which is the best option on the market can you advice?

Lumia's nice but nothing can beat Super AMOLED display I feel :)


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specs wise omnia w is better as it has AMOLED display and a front camera...but lumia 710 has better nokia support over nokia apps like nokia music,nokia map,navigation :)


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currrently the lumia sells in larger numbers than omnia w.and the S-LCD screen is awesome.can't differentiate between the two.


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Ok, I have seen the lumia screen!
It's decent.
What about focus, radar and Dell Venue Pro?

PS: Lumia is permanently discontinued :/


I think Nokia maps are now available to all Windows mobile. Cant confirm though. If you cant wait for Win 8 phones, get the Omnia W (which ever one has an amoled screen) on a bargain and be happy with it. Its the best option i see from ur list.


IMO HTC phones are realy heavy. I have used Radar and it feels heavier than my 4.52" GSII. That said, Radar is a pretty nice phone. The UI is refreshing, no bugs or glitches. Very sturdy build.
The UI and chipsets are almost common for all phones so one must chk out the look and feel for the rest of device and choose one to his liking.


Genius in making mistakes
htc hd7 has windows phone 7 n not even 7.5 mango afaik...wp7 is not mature at all..better look for lumia 710 or omnia w...lumia r still available in stores...
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