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Windows partition is not enough

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Mine is a Pentium D 2.66 GHz 768 MB DDR2 with XP SP2 in D. (Win 98 in C and Open Suse 10.2 installed).
D is a 15 GB partition and now I am getting low disk space warning frequently.
Windows folder takes 3.5 GB app. and program files folder takes 4.5 GB app. Documents ad Settings folder takes more than 6 GB. The only user account hold majority of it. My documents folder accounts for nearly 500 MB only while application data folder and local settings of this user account take more than 2.5 GB each. Is there any possibility to shift these folder to some other partition? Kindly give me a solution to get rid of low disk space problem.


It is recommended that you move "My Documents" to other drive. To do that:

>Right-click "My Documents"
>Target tab
>Click "Move" Button and browse to the other drive.

That's it. Now all the contents will be moved to the selected partition.



kadal27 said:
Thank you.
Is it possible to shift application data or local settings folder to some other drive?

You are welcome.
Yes. It is possible to shift it too. But, I suggest you not to do so. It involves registry editing. If you are good enough and sure what exactly you are doing, then the method to do so is here.


One more thing you can do kadal is that you can turn off system restore which will delete all of the system restore files. To do this go to My Computer -> Properties. Then go to system restore tab and then check turn off system restore on all drives. Or if you want then you can do it on D: only. Click ok this wil surely free some diskspace.

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also there r few folders that you can't move the simple way , for that download junction from microsoft's site , then copy the folder u want into another drive

now delete all files in that folder making it empty then type this at the command prompt

junction {full path of original directory} {full path of copied target}

i've done this for many system folder coz i too hv 200 MB space left on my windows drive .


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Thank you all.
Switching off (and on) system restore itself recovered me more than 1 GB.
I am going to try the other recommendations also. I write my experience later.
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