Win2k Upgrade Blues....

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i recently upgraded 2 Win2k frm Win98.but facin a lot f probs than i faced in 98.
prob1: net connexion has slowd down a lot. even opera performs pathetically.

prob2: wen PC is idle, CPU meter shoots up2 100% all f a sudden. this happens even wen am workin on it, and it bcoms agonizingly slow. hardly respponds.
'services.exe' hogs the CPU. 99%
just bfore n after the CPU usage is gonna jump 2 100%, a service
named 'SNMP.exe' runs as wel as 'msstl.exe'. wat do i do?

prob3: also i see activity wen am connnect 2 d net, but nt viewin a page or downloadin nethin. activity is frm my PC only.

prob4:hav installd AVG free edition, but cant update. keep gettin tome out error frm AVG update server.

i have installd n updatd bazooka scanner. it hasnt detectd nethin. help!!!


i strongly suggest, if u hav not installed win2k with all the service packs released so far, to do it first. that wud solve almost all ur problems. there r abt 4 Service packs available i guess.



Back to l33ching :)
have installd service pak 4

also, my pc name is ASID, so who r IUSR_ASID and IWAM_ASID listd in the Users list, havin Guest previleges? i cant remove them.


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I tried to slipstream sp4 to win2000 pro. but i get blue screen of death during instalation :(. installing win2000 and then installing SP4 works. what may be the problem?
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