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Will Resident Evil work ?

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Hey guyz,
I was wondering that whether Resident Evil 4 for PS2 will work on PC through any PS2 emulators ? I am not sure, because I think only few games work. Help, I am dying to play this game. :(


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Actually there are a few emulators floating around the net(Viz PCSX2 and NSX2) but they arent perfectly capable of playing games at perfect frame rates as like the PS2 thus killing its basic experience.Even if you have a high end config they hardly emulate playable frame rates.So full fledged compatibility of all games(Includig Resident Evil 4) cant be stated unless they are tested out by someone.Plus I happened to browse through the PCSX2 forum and found out by some member that this game wont work on the emulator.:(


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A suggestion: If you like Nintendo franchises such as Mario, Zelda, etc., then I would recommend getting a GameCube. RE4 looks better on the GC anyway and if I remember correctly, the GC is just $99 :D
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