1. ariftwister

    New HDD/SDD Suggestion to replace a dying HDD

    Hello Guys!! Finally I am in a unique situation which I can post here to ask for help. I have a few years old Lenovo Ideapad Y500 and unsurprisingly, its HDD is dying, so I am in need of another HDD. Here comes the bonus : My brother promised to buy me a SSD if i could complete a project for...
  2. K

    Advice needed- Dying laptop - repair or wait or build new PC

    Hi guys I think my laptop GPU is dying/is dead I can run just one game on it (checked usage using MSI Afterburner) For everything else, it just crashes or BSODs(In windows 10 partition, it just says AMDkmdag.sys stopped and recovered but the Intel GPU is working fine whereas in my Windows 7...
  3. root.king

    PSU dying?

    Can you guys please advise, is my smps dying :( :confused:
  4. S

    hdd corrupt

    My exernal hdd is showing some files as corrupt. How do i know for sure that my hdd is dying. Or may be just a software issue?
  5. hskpunjabi

    needed new battery for x6,nokia priority or online shoping,suggesion ??

    my brother's x6 is behaving strange,battery is nt lasting even for 8-9 hrs...sometimes less when fully charged.sometimes battery bars are reduced to one after some time to 3-4...then again to 1.I think battery is dying. do apps like whats app can harm battery..?? Nokia care center is giving...
  6. K

    Any iPhone 4S Buyers here, as of now !

    Any iPhone buyers, people who have already bought the iPhone 4S pls post your feedback. More Interestingly after you have used SiRi Extensively :mrgreen: I am like dying to find out how siri performs with Indian or maybe Neutral Accent ! :oops:
  7. Sarath

    Comnputer Speaker 2.1 @ INR2000

    Comnputer Speaker 2.1 @ INR 5000/- Since every piece of audio equipment in my home is dying I feel that God is asking of me to get myself new set of speakers. Kindly suggest any good ones you have heard or are using ranging from 1000 to 2000. Increased to "Rs. 5000" Usage: Just regular...
  8. cute.bandar

    Is my Monitor dying

    For the past few days, almost everyday the picture on my monitor becomes like this for 2 seconds: after this the monitor becomes normal again . its a 6.5 year old LG CRT monitor. is it dying ?
  9. M

    gta IV

    has anyone bought GTA IV pc as yet?? im dying to get the reviews of the same..!! it has released today.
  10. A

    alte* lansing mx5021

    where will i get this speaker system in kolkata pls tell me as soon as possible as i am dying to buy the speakers
  11. Manshahia

    Very Slow N70

    Friends i m using N70 but its not upto my expectations. If i press menu button it takes years to open. R there any tips to speed it up Plz friends help I m dying
  12. A

    How do I sign up for Gmail?

    How do i sign up for gmail. I'm dying to get a gmail account. please help
  13. V

    Will Resident Evil work ?

    Hey guyz, I was wondering that whether Resident Evil 4 for PS2 will work on PC through any PS2 emulators ? I am not sure, because I think only few games work. Help, I am dying to play this game. :(
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