1. D

    Please suggest the best flagship phone to buy, prize is not a factor.

    I'm looking for a good high end phone to buy, so any suggestions regarding this are welcome. It is a confusing endeavour to say the least. There are many options. So HELP!! plz:lol: The phones I short list include: Sony Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4
  2. D

    How to to boot USB on Y510ps

    Just purchased Y510P and now i want to downgrade to Windows 7 as i dont like Windows 8.. i have made a bootable win7 pendrive that works on my pc but the bios of y510p is just too damn confusing ... Help me please... Step by step Thanks - - - Updated - - - did some keedas.. found how to...
  3. thewisecrab

    Wordpress Queries

    Hi Guys I Have a word press account and i'm keen to start a blog hosted on thing is i want to use the themes discussed in the wordpress thread in the tutorial section but i dont know how. Can you'll help me out???? P.S. i found gigacore's thread a little confusing (read: i'm a newbie)
  4. H

    Image blurred!!Pls help.

    Recently,any images displayed on web pages appears blurred;microsoft says that it requires some kind of patch but I have tried every thing but nothing has helped.I run Win XP with SP2,which is regularly updated.It says that this has something to do with a problem with Office.I am simply going...
  5. T

    IP range calculation??????

    HI, can anyone tell me on how to know the total no of IP that can be used given a IP and a mask. say: this last octact i.e. 8 is a bit confusing. can be 9/10... Mask is there any program to get this done??? regs ken
  6. K

    Anti-virus Software

    I would like to purchse a good Anti Virus Software. My friends recommendations are very different and so I am very confusing. Can you help me?
  7. zegulas

    Why cant linux be as simple as windows?

    Hey i ahv a ncie q here, why cant linux be as simple as windows, i mean any layman can operate windows! But linux is so confusing taht even well educated persons cant understand it? :?: :!:
  8. saROMan

    Anonimus Surfing

    I have resently braught a new net connection at home .......... & have been hearing lot about hacking in to the system while u r chatting etc.......though i use zone alarm pro as my firewall ...but still i want to know if there is any way / software thru which my IP add will be safe from...
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