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Which Mobo+proccy @ 10k?

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King Arthur

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Hey guys , i am planning to build my own rig . My last rig was a celeron 433 Mhz with 300 Megs of RAM that was 8 years ago . (Don't worry i have bought 4 lappy's since then)

Well the problem is i am on a very thin budget of max 17000 bucks for the upgrade . With upgrade to a LCD monitor planned for a few months later.

Now the calculations leave me to buy a mobo+proccy+GFX within 11000 bucks .

So any help is welcomed


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^^^ with that abit mobo u can oc like hell though a Biostar TP35D2-A7 wud do well with a e2160.

i think E7200 + Biostar TP35D2-A7 + Mercury 8600GT 256MB GDDR3 will be a better overall config.price will be bout 13k.


@hellgate the mobo+proccy u mentioned will alone amount to some 10-11000. So how is he going to get a 8600GT in the remaining amount.

King Arthur

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Hey thanks a lot guys.
i managed to get an abit Ip35e board+Intel E8200 with a 8800GS 384MB DDR3 from EVGA all for Rs.14,500 i.e. with a Rs.2000 discount

Thanks for the help.



I have Cooler Master Extreme Power 650W SMPS along with Zebronics Antibiotic Cabinet for sale at Mumbai.

Cooler Master Extreme Power 650W with orig Box but used for 1 month n case you are looking for a cheaper option. I bought it for Rs 8500 can give you the same for Rs 5000 (SMPS+Cabinet)

Pl let me know if you are interseted. You can reach me at my cell 92233 23333.
I also have Gearhead Wireless Keyborad & MOuse (Packed) for Rs 1000
Also am selling a 3 month old Samsung SCX-4200 Laser ALl-in-one printer with Laser Cart 80% full as I bought a Laser All-in-one now. If you want COlor Laser ALl-in-one I can sell you the same (Samsung CLX-3175FN) for Rs 37000 (Packed with all caretidge also packed). MRP Rs 45K + Tax.
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