1. S

    Buying Advice for Intel E5200

    Hello, guys. Before starting i am very new to Over clocking. So i want to know which motherboard is good for OC'ing Intel Dual Core E5200. I Hereby post my Configuration. Processor - Intel Dual Core - E5200 @ 2.5Ghz Motherboard - Intel DG31PR Ram - Kingston 2GB DDR2 Graphics Card - Nvidia...
  2. C

    Sound Card and 5:1 Speaker.

    Currently i'm having 2:1 Speaker. So i planned to upgrade it to either 5:1 or 7:1. What should i choose either 5:1 or 7:1? I know that for good and true sound effect we need sound card. So,Also planned to buy a new sound card. Suggest me a good Sound Card and Speaker for below 6K. Also...
  3. L

    [server]cpu & board

    I would like to get advice on the best CPU & board available for starting a small buisness server i will do the following on my server Game Server Webserrver(HTTP GET POST ) & forums i have already planned for ram it will be 16 GB so can anyone help me out with this please no troll :)
  4. happy17292

    Upgrading in tight budget :O

    i have pentium dual core E5300, 2X2 GB DDR2 RAM, GT240 1GB , ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS and local 450W PSU. i am planning to upgrade and i need some suggestions. i am using my pocket money so i am on a tight budget and this upgrade will take over 3-5 months :shock: i have planned to buy one 4GB Gskill...
  5. Aswath Kumaravel

    Help me buying my new 50k pc

    Hi, This is my first post and i'm a total noob so pls forgive n correct me if somethin is wrong. After five years of using my first pc, i've planned to get a new one and i've planned to build it on my own(my first build) and i want this to serve me for the next five years. So i've decided to...
  6. G

    Little help with the SB i7 Config :)

    Well I am finally upgrading from my i5 to Sandy Bridge i7 along with a heavier GPU. I planned to buy i7-2600 / 3.4 GHz along with ATI HD 6950. Now what board will I be needing ? Regarding the board, I want a non VGA one :) Something like Intel DP55WB that I used for my i5. But something...
  7. A

    CCNA +CCNP.. Good for future or not?

    Hey guys... i am in a fix.. I am in last semester of my MCA... N we have to go for 6 months industrial training.. nd a project too... I was thinking of going into the networking field ( i am not that good in coding nd not even interested).. So i planned to do CCNA and then CCNP.. I want to...
  8. V

    Urgent !!! imac 27 inch or normal rig ???

    Hello guys !!! I am in a real awkward situation ... I have to choose between : 1. iMac 27' inch (i7 model) : Rs. 1,19,000 2. A rig I planned : Rs. 50 k max .... The rig I planned : i5 760 Msi p55gd65 corsair 4 gb ram ddr3 sapphire hd5850 corsair vx550 cm 430 elite ...
  9. K

    Which Mobo+proccy @ 10k?

    Hey guys , i am planning to build my own rig . My last rig was a celeron 433 Mhz with 300 Megs of RAM that was 8 years ago . (Don't worry i have bought 4 lappy's since then) Well the problem is i am on a very thin budget of max 17000 bucks for the upgrade . With upgrade to a LCD monitor...
  10. S

    original intel p35 (dp35dp)....doubt on buying

    I came to know that the intel DP35DP mobo gets heated up.....Is that true,....pls help me coz. i have planned to buy that mobo..... Is the there any problem with that mobo........the procy i have planned to buy is i need a cooler master for it...
  11. reddick

    Updating FirmWare of 'Nokia 2610'

    Hi All! I have this phone frm last one year n now planning to update it's FirmWare.So guys tell me which Data Cable needed for it? I have PC Suite n NSU installed in my PC :) One more thing,I visit n whn I input product code of phone,it says their is no update available...
  12. goobimama

    OS X Leopard delayed!!!

    I can feel my heart-rate going faster. I'm nearing the end of the article and there's no sign that this is some kind of late april fool joke.... Its not. Its official on the I will now cry myself to sleep (if I get any). And when gx is back, I will welcome the kick...
  13. T

    CPU upgradation dilemma

    Dear friends , recently my four years old AMD duron compatible motherboard expired due to some unknown reasons, and has forced me to plan my total system upgradation. since core2duo proecessors are pricy yet, have planned to upgrade to a pentium 4 processor as of now. But as read about pentium...
  14. R

    WindowsBlackComb New Os from MS

    WindowsBlackComb New Os from MS.....It's planned to come next to vista in the year 2010...........
  15. sid_ashok

    Broadband law rewrite planned for 2006

    check this out *
  16. G

    Regarding Flash applications...

    Readrs of ths mail... We hav planned to release a college magazine... We hav also planned to include a CD along with the magazine ... I wud like to do the interface of the CD in Flash just as the Digit team does in their monthly CDs and DVDs.. Experts please do tip me in creating...
  17. H

    Printer suggestion

    I have planned to buy a inkjet printer(budget below Rs.5000). I planned on buying canon pixma ip1000 or ip1600. I really dont need a scanner . Can anyone help me select one of the two or a better one?
  18. S

    Need price of SE t610 please

    i planned to buy SE t610 can any one please tell me the price in india and where ,if u can thanx
  19. Adhip007

    About SMPS

    Are SMPS from Cooler Master and powersafe are good???? And what is the price of their 450 W smps? :?: I live in Kolkata. I had planned to buy Antec but the price is to much! Adhip
  20. Y

    How to start Cg programming?

    hi, People i'm trying to simulate some real time graphics on a PC attached with Geforce 6800 GT Ultra ... I want to do it with programming my GPU + vertex shaders + fragment shader .. i wanna use some free API . I've planned tht i'll go for Cg .. so can U people just provide me with some...
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