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which mobile handset has the loudest ringtone feature ?

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its LG G3100

and there no need to get a handset for loud ringtone

use coding workshop ringtone converter and increase the volume of anyu midi file and then transfer it to your mobile using data cable


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Sony Ericsson J200i is the way to go. You can hear the sound in the loudest of places. You really need not bother except if you are one of the guys with a fetish for Monophonic tones ( YES! I'VE SEEN SUCH PEOPLE)......


which mobile handset has the loudest ringtone feature and support multiple sound format especially mp3 as ringtone?

the lodest sound comes from just tweaking any mobile

just get any samsung or LG mobile which supports
mmf format

use YAMAHAS SSD to enhance the sound of the mmf file or any midi file and convert it to mmf

even you dont need to get mp3 playable phone

the mmf format is quivalent to mp3 in new phones

u can convert wav to mmf using

WSC-MA2 application of yamaha

Hope it helps you


NGage from Nokia I think and it also got the mp3, wav set as ringtone.


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the loudest fons i have ever heard r -
1.SonyErecsson k500i or k508i - it really kicks @ss.
2.Motorola E365(with mmf tunes very loud).
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