Which is the best game you have ever played ?????

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forgot these

not in specific order
Hitman series,
MAny more...... :roll: thinking :arrow:


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Ahhh ,

The Best Ever Game is Super Mario Bros. i used to play on old nintendo console .
This game never gets old.


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coolendra said:
hey !!! how bout this thread...

i thin the best game i have ever played is maxpayne 2

how bout u guys.................. :D [/b]
well this game is quite nice and quite short for that fact. But i didnt got any suitable kung fu mod for it as i got for max payne 1 . Have u played Return to castle Wolfenstein :twisted:


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My fav games are in particular order :)

1) Super Mario Bros.
2) Civilization III
3) Contraptions
4) Age Of Empires II
5) Commandos I,II and III
6) Max Payne I
7) Need For Speed All Until Underground, havent played UG2 and Most Wanted

and Crazy Taxi, Clickomania, Moto Gp, Cricket 2002, Links 2003, Pacman etc


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Well I also like windows games specially minesweeper and solitaire
Also Online Yahoo Games like Yahoo Pool etc


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n.regmi said:
Need For Speed All Until Underground, havent played UG2 and Most Wanted

Buddy, those two are like the best ones for that series. Do whatever you can to play those ones and make sure you don't leave them incomplete. :wink: :D


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All time favorites start from the games I first played when I was a kid namely

2)Half Life(1999)
3)Deus Ex(2001)
5)Far cry, Doom3, Half Life2 (2004/2005)
6)All the Need For Speed/GTA games.....


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i m talkin abt project igi and igi covertstrike both i ve mentioned in the subject.
in project igi the game is hard becoz u cant save the progress,
so it becomes very challenging.
u r saying the ai is stupid but still it is challenging as not everybody can
end the whole game out, it goes very difficuilt at 5th and 6th stages.and the last stage was the hell for topgamers,
now abt igi covert strike i like becoz of exeptional music ,not that like boring max payne music.
also i ve ended igi2 covert strike in 35 hours flat in one week and completed the first 9 stages without saving the game ,
becoz there comes a stage at no. 9 or 10 which cant be completed without saving the game,so only some gr8 players can play that game out
u have to end the whole game then only u ll see how much effot it need s for igi to complete.


Agreed IGI-2 was good game with good AI......AI improves with emrging tecnology used and the time in which it was made its is a good game..(do not see only the release date....but the planning to make the game is way back than that) so AI was quite good among the similar games released.... :)


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This includes both XBOX & PC;

1) Halo [xbox]
2) Halo 2 [xbox]
3) Riven (Myst Series) [PC]
4) Grand Prix 4 [PC]
5) Forza Motorsport [xbox]


where is RIDDICK, though it is besd on movie, it is enjoyable, gives u full player body to see from f.p.view, f.e.a.r. is also unforgatable, both provide malee fighting with exlent control .

btw hl 1\2 both are good
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