Which is The Best Dvd Ripper..?

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Which Is The best dvd ripper..I have lot of ripping software..but all sucks for me..coz..after converting the whole movie..the sound synchronization in not in proper way..vedio on one way and sound on another way..really sucks.please tell me some good software which rips very nicely Thanks in advance


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I use Magic DVD ripper, one click solution, no sync errors for ripping DVDs to avi.

To make iPod compatible version of movies and Mp3s, I use Tunebite platinum for Movies and CDex CD ripper for Audio CDS. All thing smoothly done. Hope that helps.



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I have downloaded avi files from the net which are DVD Rips. They are of great quality and sound, with the picture and sound as clear as the original. Could you please tell me how to make avi rips of that quality at home?

I have used Dr. DivX for converting VCD movies into avi's. But the picture and sound quality suffers big time. :( :( :(


it depends on the settings you use ... I have used DVD shrink with Auto GK ... DVD shrink will copy the vob files to hard disk and Auto GK will rip it... Auto GK internally uses virtual Dub... you have to select the bitrate according to the quality you want... and der u can specifiy the size of output file also... if its a 1.5 hr movie, 800 kbps will b enough I guess... the default format is Xvid .. if u install divx codec, you can rip to divx also... choose mp3 for audio instead of ac3 ... ac3 will occupy more space der by reducing the video quality if u specifi a file size ...

and I think its legal in India to rip or copy a dvd u bought for personal use ...
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I would suggest "MeGUI" OR "Handbrake" (both free), make sure they are well-updated.

And Not "divx/xvid" encoded movies but "x.264" encoded ones which are way better in every aspect ;-)
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