1. L

    2013 Halloween Giveaway: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Full License

    The offer will expire on Nov.4th, 2013. Halloween Software Giveaway & Deals? WinX DVD Ripper Platinum License Code
  2. C

    [FREE] Unlimited Copies from WinXDVD Thanksgiving Giveaway!

    It’s the best among holiday special offers I’ve found these days. WinXDVD launched thanksgiving giveaway as debut of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 7.0, the latest version with new UI & profiles. To grab a free copy before Nov.27 at 2012 Thanksgiving Giveaway from Digiarty Software Plus Discount...
  3. bigit

    Battle of DVD Rippers: Easy VS Fast

    Are you searching for DVD converters to backup your great DVDs into your PC or enjoy DVDs on your portable devices such as iPhone? Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum and WinX DVD Ripper Platinum could be the one which you are searching for. You may ask which one is better of the two. A professional...
  4. M

    free audio cd ripper

    can anyone sugest a free ripper
  5. C


    I just wanted to know the use of DVD ripper. Actually I wanted to seprate different movies from a DVD is this what I can do with the help of ripper.The movie file are joined with each other; like ending of one with beggining of other in different files on DVD. PLZ tell me any way in which I...
  6. K

    best DVD ripper & Multimedia player

    i want to know which was the bset dvd ripper for best quality of ripping and the best multimedia player for videos and audios which can play all formats i believe on kmplayer as used it for along time it is nice please give your suggesions
  7. rosemolr

    Which is The Best Dvd Ripper..?

    Which Is The best dvd ripper..I have lot of ripping software..but all sucks for me..coz..after converting the whole movie..the sound synchronization in not in proper way..vedio on one way and sound on another way..really sucks.please tell me some good software which rips very nicely Thanks in...
  8. phuchungbhutia

    Suggest dvd ripper and converter pl.

    Please suggest some dvd ripper and convertors please . I dont want to use Super or mediacoder . Any other . Light sw that can do it fast and reliable .
  9. thetillian

    DVD Ripper suggestion

    I wanted to convert many dvd's that i had to xvid format, please suggest me a good dvd ripper shareware or freeware with following requirements 1. Can convert selected titles if can chapters. 2. Want to configure the codec configuration options manually. 3. Can convert some what fastly. And...
  10. S

    Is it good option?

    I need a good dvd ripper to copy a dvd to my computer, in a format such as avi. or mpeg. Is Xilisoft DVD Ripper is good option?
  11. RCuber

    Free - A-one DVD Ripper [Just for today]

    Guys is giving out A-one DVD ripper today. Here are the features. You got 2 hrs to make it your self ;) Link for download page. PS: I dont know where to put this one, reviews or software troubleshooting. mods pls clarify.:p
  12. V

    cd to pcm ripper

    hi guys is there any freeware to rip audio cd to pcm or is there any on digit dvd or cd. if there is allready any thread on this i am sorry. thanx
  13. N


    please suggest me some good dvd ripper and cutter software.and from where i can download them.
  14. R

    DVD Ripper

    Hey guys can u suggest me a good dvd ripper. I need to back up my dvd's into divx xvid. Another problem that i have is how do i change the aspect ratio. Lots of dvd's i have are in the widescreen format so there are a lot of black areas(Hope u guys understand) when watching the movies on my...
  15. ninad_mhatre85

    DVD ripper

    hi to all guys i am looking for DVD ripper can u tell me which one is good and i want to rip in chapter format and output vdo in avi, vcd, svcd format.... suggest good software ( shareware will also do) as i hv to rip only single movie.
  16. U

    the best dvd ripper of all!

    Guys which is the best DVD ripper of all! Means which is the DVD ripper that gives u the highest quality of all!
  17. V

    best dvd ripper

    can some one point out a good dvd ripper that can convert it to diffrent formats
  18. D

    DVD ripper

    Can any one suggest me, good DVD ripper for my Mandrake 10.1 linux system with features as subtitleripping.
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