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Which game do u think has the best ending EVER?

Which game do u think has the best ending EVER? Post a Poll

  • Indigo Prophecy

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Oni

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • Mafia

    Votes: 14 51.9%
  • Halo

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • FarCry

    Votes: 5 18.5%

  • Total voters
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Noobie Pro
Max Payne!!
The revelations in the end, and as mentioned above, that last dialog!!
The best game according to me!!


King of my own Castle
If we are not the discuss the graphical games and just the over all games with all the games included that there were.
Its got to be MARIO
After crossing all the levels and ever thing that there is ,
Mario at the end gets his princess.

What is at the end of the game you get is this...


Staff member

Anyone played Silent Hill 2, it has got the best ending i hav ever seen, i was moved emotionally at the ending part..


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Best ending ever? Ugh...dunno man, but definitely not amongst the frag fests you posted...maybe System Shock 2? Or Baldurs Gate 2...

What can I say, they stopped making good games 6 years ago...


Guess Who's Back
well the game with the best ending is not mentioned here, the name of the game is Planeescape : Torment , i am shocked no one knows about this game, i know its very old , but if you read any fan or even gamespot review about this game or their greats games of all t ime section , they have also mention it this game has the best storyline till date, & has the most touching ending of all. (i.e the best) & the game should reallly be in the Poll.


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@smit: I played it...but I preferred Baldurs Gate 2 SoA and Baldurs Gate 2 Throne of Bhaal's endings...maybe because it was SO much more epic...


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reddick said:
Farcry is winning by majority of votes :razz: Lots of ppl supporting it :)

is there ny other voting going on??

here i can see MAFIA is winning with a huge difference from FARCRY??!!:confused: :confused:


Mobile Freak
Woh to ab ho gaya hai...pehlay FarCry jeet raha tha ;) Competition between Mafia n FarCry is going on :cool: Now both 'Mafia 2' n 'FarCry 2' is also confirmed...Tough battle :rolleyes:


Broken In
action wise farcry sucked balls, the action was totally lethargic, the firing of the weapons was boring, u were given huge environments, but few enmies in them, granted that the enemy ai was damn good, but still it used to be boring, also the controls for the game were a bit sluggish, they were not were active, like if u played halflife or quake 4 u will get me. The only positive point were the graphics which totally rocked, I bought the game for the graphics & I still play the game for the same, I hope that crytek sorts out these minor issues in crysis, if they they I assure u they will surpass other games that we have come to know.
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