which company makes the best laptops?

which is the best laptop maker?

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Hp any day because quality, VFM at its class and service as well. I had a single dead pixel (unnoticeable) on my screen and they replaced whole LCD within 7 days. no question asked. Then I got a call from HP CC asking if i was satisfied with their service etc... what can i say?


nepcker said:

That is not true now. The article on powernotebooks.com is very old, 2003-ish. Apple didn't have a huge notebook market share back then. Today's MacBooks & MacBook Pros are not made by Apple themselves. Ever heard of an Apple manufacturing facility for laptops? I haven't. They too hire services to assemble and manufacture laptops like any other. Apple notebooks are also made in Taiwan. Their sales figures themselves proved it is not possible for a single ODM to manufacture. According to reports, Asustek ODM landed all orders for the initial batch of MacBooks when they were first released. Similarly, Apple too hires OEM/ODM services from time to time. Components in an Apple laptop are similar to those of any other laptops. Do you think Apple has their own branded optical drive in notebooks?

If I had to pick the best laptops to buy, I would choose HP-Compaq for their looks or ThinkPads for their sturdy nature.


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Kiran_tech_mania said:
Arya, enough said about your sweet eyecandy, lets decide come on.

Present us your best Apple laptop for Rs.55000/-. Lets see which one scores better.

This is a challenge for you. Defend your Apple if you can!

Check the following lappys and tell me whether they are one of the best or not:

1) Dell XPS M1710
2) HP DV9500t
3) Thinkpad T60/T61
4) Sony VAIO TXN17P/B
5) Lenovo 3000 V100 0763


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nepcker said:
Apple does make its own laptops.
No they do not -- that article is dramatically out of date.

Apple Inc began shifting production to Taiwanese companies in the late 90's. The last laptop to come out of an Apple-owned manufacturing plant was the PowerBook Firewire, a.k.a. Pismo, at the Apple facilities in Singapore, which were closed in 1999.

Every PowerBook and Macbook made since the second-generation PowerBook G4 was manufactured and assembled by Quanta, Asustek, Foxconn, Hon Hei or Conpal. The PowerMac G5 and Mac Pro towers are built by Foxconn. All current Intel based laptops come from the Quanta factories in Songjiang; the Mini, iMac and AppleTV units are divided between Quanta and Hon Hei.
I feel HP/Compaq are best at mid-lower level range..

Higher range belongs to Dell... i am not patronizing Dell, but they make great laptops, just that their 6400 and 9400 series Laptops look like they belonged to our grandad, so darn ugly!

however things are gonna change, now that Voodoo Extreme is part of Hp/Compaq...they can easily take-on Dell's Alienware division.

Lenovo? crappy man..their gimmick (face recognition) dont work anymore. After all, Face recognition can easily bypassed. And why would somebody go for face-recognition security when we have awesome finger-print reader security system which even the CIA rely on ..


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amitava82 said:
Hp any day because quality, VFM at its class and service as well. I had a single dead pixel (unnoticeable) on my screen and they replaced whole LCD within 7 days. no question asked. Then I got a call from HP CC asking if i was satisfied with their service etc... what can i say?

On the contrary, my laptop (HP-nx6110-pc416av)will be a year old on 4th June, and I already have had 3 HDD, 2 DVD-writer, one Motherboard, one Bluetooth dongle replacements. And still, the 3rd DVD writer is going down. (or has already gone down, takes an hour to copy data from DVD-HDD (4GB) and 50 minutes to write DVD (4GB). And I use sony DVDs, which are quite good).

And, I have been asking for complete replacement since the first month (when the problems began), and HP people are not listening. OK, fine, but at least provide good service, but no, I had one guy give me a lecture on how nero cannot write DVDs and that I MUST use bundelled S/W (sonic) to burn then (which actually takes more time than nero). Plus, the are slow to respond on live chat.

Again, the parts replaced are not compatible with the ones for which they were replaced. My first DVD-writer could write DVD-RAM and DVD+R/RW DL, but the 2 replaced cannot even write DVD+R/RW DL, leave RAM. So, I am not at all satisfied with HP.

And the last thing, I have been using a Vintron Desktop for last 7 years and the only problem it ever had was a HDD and CD drive replacement, after 5 years of buying. And all the replacements of HP laptop were due to manufacturing defects, which were there from the first month. So, it's no fault from user side (me).

If they don't support this time, I am thinking of filing a complaint against them in, 'Grahak Panchayat'.... Even though I take regular backup, it's not easy to go through the same things every 3 moths when the HDD fails......



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Thats the point i want to make against the service provided by Hp/Compaq here.

My friend got a Compaq laptop for 41K. He got a few dead pixels on his screen aftr abt a month.
On my insistence he went for replacement. He was given back his laptop after 1 week.

Just abt 1 month passed and again he had the same problem and this time more sevear.
But this time they gave him a period of 2 weeks but due to our projects etc he has not been able to give it for replacement since about three months.

Now this is the level of service they are giving, no value for customer's time etc..


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hmmm.... i haf a different experience wid hp/compaq. there hasn't been a single problem since the past 3.5 years of my usage! NOT a single problem. i exchanged my old combo drive and 30gig hdd for a sony dvdrw and 80gig hdd abt 9months ago. they replaced it infront of me in under 15mins and i'm using it till date widout any problems. i'm completely satisfied :)


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well here's my 2 cents worth (cuz it is just a poll), toshiba's or mac's only problem is they are a little pricey, Acer's aren't bad, Dell and HP seem to have the most usless junk installed on them, (stupid games) some Dell's (lowerend models) have HDD problems (bad drive or bad disc image) couldn't tell you which ones ( I don't work for them anymore)... Just make sure you get a good warrenty with the purchase and anything that goes wrong should be fixed/replaced. and thats my 2 cents worth...
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