Which card would be PROFITABLE and SMART buying ?


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hello frends

im serching for graphcs card near to my budget (4.5k) since long time.
since my exams were over i didnt serched for any card..but in past few days i did lot of research :p

i have found these 3 cards perfect around my budget

-Asus nvidia gt620 1gb ddr3 (4.2k)
-zotac nvidia gt440 1gb ddr3 (4.2k)
and - Sapphire Amd radeon HD6570 1gb ddr3 (4.5k)

my Power supply Box is only of 230v and the Zotac card
needs 300w power supply ! so is it worth spending 600-700 rs more for upgrading a power supply box for this card
OR To get another card with only 200 or 300 rs ? i know upgrading power supply is essential, but im my case now budget is the matter :(

the Asus card needs no power supply but it costs 4.4 , and i dont know much
about its performance but its good card .. experienced users pls help about this. :)

The 3rd needs no power Supply and its Performance are awesome according to the flipkart reviews
but the only problem is its a AMD card..and many of my Fb friends said dont go for AMD cards.
when i asked them the reason they said amd wont support all the games and they lag.. and my friend who
has the AMD card is suffering the same ! and i asked the same question in the queries sticky thread , and the reply was somewhat same , that
amd cards work with all games but still nvidia cards give better performance .

so out of these 3 cards buying which card would be profitable and Smart :v ?

my Computer specs : :mrgreen:
Intel i3@ 2.93 GHz ,
4GB RAM , Windows keeps on changing (mostly 7-64bit)!
Check the Screenshots for Board Details :

View attachment 11950

View attachment 11951

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if some1 is really purchasing from that site PM me . i will give u the discount coupon code :)
happy to help (Y) :wink:

srry for my Bad english :)
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oh! ok :razz: btw i think you will need to upgrade the psu and no amd does not give any problems


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Dont buy Asus nvidia gt610 . It is waste of money.

You can buy either GT440 or HD 6570 . HD 6570 is a bit faster than GT440 .

So u need to upgrade your power supply.


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Look for HD 6670, the best option for you.
The 1GB DDR3 version costs around 4.6k and the 1GB DDR5 version costs around 5.5k.


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Srry Guys , i did a little mistake.. The first card is :

Asus nvidia gt620 1gb ddr3 (4.2k)

extreamly sorry !


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^First of all,why don't you buy a nvidia 620 Geforce GPU from Zotac? It costs about Rs.3400/- from Flipkart and you also get 5 yrs. extended warranty after registering the purchased GPU from Zotac at its site.
If you are not any Hardcore gamer,then nvidia Geforce 620 is a better choice at BUDGET .
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