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Which bike to buy for around 50k?


Guys I currently have Hero Honda Passion Plus which I have been using for more than 8 years. Couple of years back I had Engine Overhaul done once it crossed 1,00,000 Kms. Now it's almost crossed 30,000 Kms. The pick up isn't that good now. So want to go for a new bike.

I'm primarily looking at mileage more than power. However power should be decent enough.
Currently have Honda shine on my mind. Someone was suggesting Bajaj Platina as well but heard Bajaj bikes are not that durable.
Was thinking of Pulsar as well but it's around 75k I think.

Budget is 50k.

Kindly give your suggestions!


Cyborg Agent
Seems you are happy with Passion. You can test drive Honda Yuga (the same package from Honda).


Cyborg Agent
As you already own a 100cc bike, It would be wise to buy a 125cc or 150cc bike. There are no good 150cc bikes in your budget. In 125cc category, Yamaha SS125 is the undisputed king. Shine has vibrating problems. My suggestion would be Yamaha SSS125 if you want 125cc bike or Honda Twister if you want 100cc bike.
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