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What Should i do to get my Digit Magazine on first of every month?

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:evil: I am really getting angry every month first week, because i won't be getting digit. Every month since Jan, 2009.

Subscription No. A010301.

I suggested the help desk to send me the copies through Professional Courier. But they are sending through blue dart. But i receive my copy only after 15th after every month after a lot of phone calls. Whenever i ask thy will be saying that they had dispatched my copy by 30th or 31st of the previous month.

Can you please solve my problem ?

What should i do now to receive my copies at the first week of every month.


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PRAY. Nothing else works. I was a regular subscriber years before the name was changed from CHIP to Digit. I and many many other subscribers kept complaining about late delivery until we were blue in the face, but it didn't do any good.

What makes it so annoying is that the magazine is available at newsstands long before subscriber copies arrive. It is totally incomprehensible. In the past they used to blame the couriers, but it is obvious that this is nonsense. If a courier can deliver newsstand copies early, then it's a no-brainer to send subscriber copies the same way.

The only reason I can think of is that the publishers have come up with some twisted logic that makes them think that there's some advantage in putting them up on newsstands before subscribers get their copy.

I finally stopped subscribing since the beginning of last year. Now I don't even bother buying it from newsstands anymore.


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What Should i do to get my Digit Magazine on first of every month?

Save the editor from a shark attack. Out of gratitude, he'll make sure you get the first printed copy of the magazine.



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Simply tell da local vendor to deliver it on da 1st of every month along wid da newspaper...only if not subscribed....


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No offense. Not going to happen ever. You have no idea when I see the copies over here on the stands. However now with broadband I really don't care. I've never seen Digit reach stands before the 15th in Kerala. I've said this quite a few times before but it seems that someone in the company has a hard time getting their act right.
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