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What actually is Intel Original Motherboard?

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I saw a newspaper ad in which the LG company lists its pc configuration mentioning Intel original motherboard as a highlight.
I just want to know what they are actually referring too? are they referring a intel motherboard with intel chipset as original? if so then asus, msi & other motherboard manufacturers motherboard are duplicate/inferior?
what it actually means?


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Yup its a board manufactured by intel.. Tho in most cases the asus/gigabyte/msi intel boards r better


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Its like, Intel makes Chipsets and the board manufacturers like ASUS, MSI and so on make the boards using the chipsets and specifications provided by Intel.

Similarly, Intel too makes its own boards along with the others. These boards are mostly mediocre and lack Overclocking support or speed tweaks. Or in other words, are vanilla boards. No fun. These boards are called 'Intel Original Motherboards'.

Some people just like to hear the word 'Original' and thus it sells well.
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