1. E

    networking for hacking

    Hello I am in process of being a professional security expert.And as you know in order to do it I need to have good knowledge of networking.So I want to know what should I learn in networking which can help me?Which book should i refer to?And should I join a institute?And if you are referring a...
  2. pritish_kul2

    The meet on the net

    I m making a poll referring to this thread : *
  3. enticer86

    Talk for Free (Not spam)

    Hi friends, yeah this is not spam, and am not referring anything. Just felt like sharing this with you: *
  4. comrade

    What actually is Intel Original Motherboard?

    I saw a newspaper ad in which the LG company lists its pc configuration mentioning Intel original motherboard as a highlight. I just want to know what they are actually referring too? are they referring a intel motherboard with intel chipset as original? if so then asus, msi & other motherboard...
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