[Query] Warranty on Asus Graphics card and motherboard


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Hello Digit lovers!

I am from Mumbai and looking to buy:

+ Asus GTX 560 Ti 1GB Direct CU II video card

+ Asus Maximus IV Gene Z Z68 motherboard

I have searched for hours on the internet regarding warranty on Asus video cards and motherboards but havent found any concrete information on duration of warranty Asus provides for products sold in India.

The US website for Asus ofcourse has a proper warranty page and says that Asus provides 3 years warranty to video cards and motherboards.

The India website warranty page ends in "page cannot be found" error!

The only link I have got is this,

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

I would really like to know from a authenticated resource about warranty service for above Asus products as well as service centers in Mumbai.




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Maximum Asus products like Motherboard and Graphics card covers a 3yrs Warranty in India.

And Some of the Special Products like Sabertooth X58 and P67 mobos cover a 5 years Warranty.

If u want more details go to Rashi Peripherals site they control the warranties of different brands.

Or download the attached file it covers everything.



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Almost all compnents (except ODD, speakers and some PSUs) have 3yrs warranty. Be it CPU, MoBo or GPU. Some extreme series motherboards have 5yrs warranty and even some PSUs from Corsair and Cooler Master have 5yrs warranty. And unlike 3yrs warranty of all brands Corsair RAMs have 10yrs warranty.

Also WDC Black Drives have 5yrs warranty on them AFAIK.

But ur MoBo and GPU have 3yrs warranty.
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