Wanted to buy Dell XCD35 and iam a bit confused.

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Hey... i was planning to buy Dell XCD35 by this month end and i really like its screen... the problem is ppl are saying its got bad battery backup.

So i wanted to ask if the battery backup would improve if i install the CM7 2.3.4 ROM. And does the new stocks shipping with 2.2 + 512MB ram?

And ppl said CM7 2.3.4 works like AMD C&Q... so will it hurt the CPU? and will overclocking(700mhz) affect the CPU?

My work on this mobile is not very intensive. M getting this for music, texting, browsing(24x7 EDGE), no 3G, watching vids and a couple of hours of talking and WI-FI(not daily).

So plz help me.. my budget is 11k max. Tel any other useful info u got.

Ty, Sam ;)


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Sorry but the Dell XCD35 isnt a very good phone. I reccomend to get a LG Optimus One P500

Lot better than Dell. THe one small thing it lacks is camera flash. Else its the perfect phone for the budget of 10k
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