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virtual machine

  1. G

    VMWare Workstation vs VirtualBox

    Ok guys this is not a direct head to head pro and cons question. I want the best solution for my needs. I have a pretty basic hardware Core 2 Duo E4700, 4 Gigs DDR2 Ram, Nvidia En 8400Gs..Running with Windows 8.1 And i want run Visual Studio in a virtual machine to code(As it installs a crap...
  2. siddharthx64

    Requesting a new System Config for High End Gaming and Workstation

    Guys, please bear with me here. I was (still am) a real PC nerd, but have lost touch with the hardware world since the last 3 years (Masters Studies tend to do that to you). I don't really know what is the best config to go for today. The last time I considered myself Knowledgeable, Sata2 was...
  3. D

    Best performance laptop for virtualization (40- 50 K)

    Hi, Can someone recommend me a good laptop for virtualization inside RS.40,000 - Rs.50,000. I want to at least run 3 Virtual machine apart from my host laptop at the same time. I understand i have a low budget but please try recommending a good product available in india Need Display...
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