Vista slow after installing SP1

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SP1 has some conflicts with the device drivers that causes these problems in some cases, waiting for SP2 to come out before switching to vista, just like when XP was launched, SP2 made all the difference.


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^^ +1. I'm waiting for Vista SP2 too, Most people migrated from 2000/98 to XP too only after SP2 was released.


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you mean install SP1 on a freshly installed Vista???

if yes, then that means i've to first run a full recovery (re-installing vista) on laptop , then install SP1 (standalone installer)?
& i'll have to move[burn] 40+ GB of data onto dvd.

I meant installing from a Windows Vista SP1 DVD directly. But if it is not possible then installing SP1 on a fresh installation of Windows Vista RTM really helps, but it is time consuming as well.

In your case just make another partition for the data and move 40+ GB data into it temporarily or use a external HDD if u have one. After the whole installation procedure finishes, restore the data to their rightful places and delete the temp partition.

btw, if i uninstall SP1, will i face more problems?

I dont think so. In case of the laptop, as long as you have the recovery partition intact you dont need to worry.

FYI I Installed SP1 on the top of my Vista installation after using it for some months and found the system sluggish than ever. So I formatted the Vista partition altogether and install Windows Vista SP1 directly from DVD (not installing Vista RTM first and then installing SP1 on top of it). I found the system more responsive and usable after that and happily using it from last April without any hiccups.
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