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Using SifyBroadband on Ubuntu 5.10

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da' Ťurntable ruleth
ok well on myside everything went good
i knew all the Ip's dns's before hand
so configuring the lan was not a problem
although about the dialers
what iam doing is opening the terminal
and i just drag the sifyclient.bin onto the terminal
hit enter and it asks me the Username and password
alls going well now and yeah enjoying ubuntu


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ujjwal said:

sudo ifconfig eth0 hw <new mac address>
NO mate dosent work :(

Here's the screenie of what happens after i enter my passwd, It remains the same even if u wait 5 minutes.

Also i couldnt run AntiDialer, any file i opened, it opened in the text editor :roll:
So i am stuck again :p


da' Ťurntable ruleth
did you try what i did
dload the file that ujwal has Uloaded (sifyclient.bin)
and try the way i did
drag it over the terminal
hit enter


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If SiFY gives any rpms of the dialer,u can convert it to .deb using alien program and install as " dpkg -i xxxx.deb".Best of LUX.


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nothing works

hey pals,
Nothing is working for me.
I tried using both 'official client and also the one provided by ujjwal ie. 'sifyclient.bin'. Whenever I provide username n password to both of them, it says 'Please use the updated client'. I am using Ubuntu 5.04 and not 5.10. What to do>>>??


Unfortunately, sify has updated their authentication process in your area, and not updated their linux/mac clients :(

What you should do is phone sify and tell them that you are a linux user, and the official client is not working.

babumuchhala, that is one of the bugs of the official client, if you run it once as super user, it creates files in /tmp, and these later cannot be modified by the user. Try using "sudo" before the command, or better, use sifyclient.bin


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Ok they did the sme in my area too. Now I am able to use it in XP but not in linux it asks me to install the new client. I called them up and they replyed back my bro attended the call and he was told now u cann't use Linux. So help me out


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Then warn them that you will discontinue their services if this is the way they treat you. You may have to try it a few times but they will listen to you specially if few others join you in doing so.
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