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Using Old Dlink ADSL Wifi Modem as a wireless Repeater

Just got the Version 6 Blue Model of TP-Link W8960N (bgn) because my previous Dlink 2730U (bg) was very iffy and problematic.
However, this new modem still does not provide full coverage to my house, so i want to use the old Dlink modem as a Wireless Repeater


That's what i wanna do.

Can someone tell me if it is possible , if so, how to do it.

Both modems have the latest firmwares (as of September 2015)

I dont have any extra LAN cables to connect the Old and New modem. I want the bridging to be wireless


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In the zone
Forget Wireless repeater, I'd recommend that you use it as an access point.

TP Link----------(LAN cable)--------------Dlink.

Wireless repeater needs no LAN cable, but using the LAN cable = much better performance = better speed + latency + no interference.


Cyborg Agent
same problem with me.

I m already using TPLINK WR740N router with my pc, tab, cellphone. Recently I bought TENDA 150N router for extending WiFi range in repeater mode.

I did all setup in TENDA as repeater and wds mode. I can see TENDA WiFi in cellphone with 100% signal. But after connecting to it there is no internet connection.

How to configure properly ?

Plz help me guys. I m using BSNL ULD 1445
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