1. S

    WiFi Signal low; Repeater vs router in repeater mode?

    I have my wireless model in my room, and I recently added Teewe dongle for the TV in Living Room. Unable to stream offline files and it takes lots of times to stream YouTube. The problem is low WiFi signal- Sometime no connection. Should I buy a "Netgear WNR614 Wireless N300 Router" (or...
  2. patkim

    Question about WiFi Extender

    I want to buy a WiFi range extender in my house. Similar threads on this forum point to Comfast 150N but now it’s out of stock online. I am short listing Leoxys 300 N R1 and TP Link TLWA850. If you have any suggestions pl. help. When I use repeater can I seamlessly move my mobile devices from...
  3. quagmire

    Recommend a Wifi Repeater under 1k

    Hi guys, I'm using a TP-LINK TL-WR740N wifi router for 1200sq ft house. I get atleast -80dBm (2 bars in the indicator) in the floor the router is. But I get only 1 bar or -90dBm in the floor below. I want to connect a Chromecast to a TV which in the floor below, so I need a repeater. Should...
  4. I

    TP Link TL-WA860RE Wireless Range Extender (Repeater) review

    1. Introduction Hi everyone, hope you are all doing fine. Today I will be reviewing a TP Link Wireless Range Extender carrying the model number TL-WA860RE. I am using the device for quite sometime now. The WiFi transmission speed is 300 Mbps which is pretty good for home or in a standard...
  5. mikael_schiffer

    Using Old Dlink ADSL Wifi Modem as a wireless Repeater

    Just got the Version 6 Blue Model of TP-Link W8960N (bgn) because my previous Dlink 2730U (bg) was very iffy and problematic. However, this new modem still does not provide full coverage to my house, so i want to use the old Dlink modem as a Wireless Repeater That's what i wanna do. Can...
  6. K

    Please Help Me set up Old Router as Wireless Repeater

    I have WD mynet N750 Router as Primary i have got another D link DIR-803 Router which i need to set it as Wireless Repeater pls help me... Thanks in adv.

    help needed!!!Changing Dlink DIR600 b1 to a wireless repeater.

    hi, i purchased the tp link w8968 2 days ago.and its awesome.:-D but the wifi is still not accessible upstairs.(:banghead:) so i decided to change my old router to a repeater. heres what i done so far Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater Setting up a repeater...
  8. Ronnie11

    Looking to buy a Repeater...

    Hey just some time back,i had purchased an Asus RT N13U B1 router for my wifi use at home...Its well worth the money and i am more than satisfied with this product...But my problem in my house is that the router signal doesn't reach the whole house because of too many walls and other...
  9. T

    Need a wireless repeater to extend wifi signal

    Dear friends I have my office at ground floor , having wifi router cum modem D-link 2750u i have my room at 2nd floor where i dont get any wifi signal ... please suggest the device which i should buy to extend the signal of my wifi modem ...also i can't do any wiring at home
  10. debarshi

    Using Spare Dlink router as repeater

    Hello I use my ASUS RT-N12LX for connecting my wireless devices to internet. But signal in some rooms are really low, and I have a spare Dlink DIR-524 lying around. Can I use the spare router as a repeater to compensate for the low signal in some rooms, if so, how, because I just cant...
  11. J

    zte dxdsl 531b as repeater with teracom wifi router

    helo friends , i am having a bsnl broadband connection with unlimited plan and recently purchased a wifi router of teracom from BSNL , i am also having a ZTE ZXDSL 531B router . my question is i am not getting good signal in my entire house so i want to use my extra router as repeater/wireless...
  12. N

    TP-link does not repeat Encore Router signal

    I have the following: Modem: Thomson TG508 (GVT Brazil) Router: Encore ENLWI-SG I bought a new Access Point: TP-Link TL-WA701ND Description: The Thomson modem and Encore router work normally with internet, but when I add the TP-Link repeater increases the signal but can not connect to...
  13. S

    Was my LAN hacked?

    Hi, First a background on the setup. The LAN has about 20 computers including a couple of notebooks. One system connects to the internet which is shared through a Netgear router for usage with the notebooks mainly. The SSID is hidden, the passphrase is simple but wireless access is locked...
  14. RCuber

    WRT54G V7.0 as a wireless repeater

    Hello Guys, Before you guys would suggest DD-WRT firmware... Unfortunately my model is not supported :( . 1. I have a New WIFI Router/Modem configured. 2. I want to use my Old WRT54G v7.00.8 as a repeater to extend my range but without any wired connection. Is this possible? if...
  15. anish_sha

    Help me to Configure a TP Link Router as Repeater.....

    Hi... Bought a TP-Link 108M router to use it as repeater along with my Utsracom (Type-II modem ) , trying to configure it... couldnt do it.. can anyone help me out pls........
  16. kumarmohit

    Will this Cell Phone Signal Repeater (Not the sticker thingy), be effective?

    Does this thing work? Its not a sticker kinda signal booster, it looks like a proper radio repeater. Any idea if it will work? *
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